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Recipes From The Woods

This hardcover book from French chef and author, Jean-Francois Mallet features 100 recipes focusing on foraged ingredients and game!


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Add a touch of charm to your drink with these contemporary copper cocktail picks! This set of 6 is made from stainless steel so they’re super durable! We use them all the time!

This charming maple syrup candle comes in a vintage-inspired can that’s perfect for this time of year! The wooden wick creates a crackling sound that mimics a wood burning fire!

There’s nothing better than the scent of a fresh Christmas tree! This balsam incense allows you to have all the wonderful woodland scents without the mess of the real thing!

Skip the grocery store and use this Thanksgiving meal kit to create a delicious holiday feast! Each kit comes with a free-range turkey, stuffing, fresh vegetables, garlic mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie! All the hard work is already done! What a special gift to give someone this holiday or to a family in need as […]

Written by a former food critic for the New York Times, this book offers foolproof recipes and invaluable tips and tricks for making your Thanksgiving the best yet!

Turn that hot in-cup flight of water into a delicious, wintery hot toddy! Perfect way to start your winter vacation! Cheers!

Studio Formata is a Swedish design studio founded in 2016 by mother & daughter. They make the coolest marble serving trays in all different colors! Love the modern, colorful twist these have and think they would be beautiful at any party!

Made with fresh honey from Pennsylvania, this spreadable cinnamon bun cream is the perfect breakfast pair to toast, yogurt or event waffles!

These beautiful and modern sipping cups are the perfect way to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea! Each one is hand cast and glazed in fun colors!

A little of this spicy ginger shrub goes a long way! The intense taste of the ginger is balanced out by cane sugar and would be the perfect pair for Moscow Mules–our fave!!

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