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Thanksgiving: How to Cook it Well

Written by a former food critic for the New York Times, this book offers foolproof recipes and invaluable tips and tricks for making your Thanksgiving the best yet!


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Decanters add so much class to a bar, shelf or by itself with two cups on a tray. It’s a staple item that screams sophistication and hospitality. Each piece is hand-cut and etched for a truly unique feel and for a reasonable price considering it crystal.

We adore this heavy cotton canvas log carrier! It’s made in Portland and evokes charming vintage vibes all while making it easier to carry fire log!

We love Slip 100% silk pillowcases! They’re recommended by dermatologist for it’s anti-agining and anti-wrinkle qualities. It’s also great for your hair, so you really can get your beauty sleep!

Adore this cooler because it adds vintage charm to outdoor parties! We used it for our movie night and it was perfect and looked beautiful sitting out… all about the details!

We love this stylish coffee jug because it’s vacuum-sealed and insulated to keep coffee fresh and hot! Pretty much perfection for serving a large crowd for brunch! Don’t serve cold coffee… unless it’s supposed to be iced!

Hello rosé in a can! This is perfect for taking on the go… beach, picnic, backyard! It has notes of rose petal, strawberry and watermelon, which makes it the ideal summer cocktail. Cheers to summer!

The Uuni is a portable wood-fired oven that reaches 932°F in just 10 minutes and can cook an authentic wood-fired pizza in 60 seconds! You can use it in your backyard or take it camping!

We’re smitten with these tropical fruit molds to make summer popsicles with! You can make boozy pineapple rum pops and watermelon tequila pops!

This is one of the best ginger syrups we’ve tasted! It’s spicy and made from organic ginger juice and cane sugar. It’s great to keep stocked for Moscow Mules and other ginger based cocktails!

We use this organic ginger juice to create our own ginger simple syrup for Moscow Mules. It gives the simple syrup an extra spice and the Moscow Mule an very gingery flavor… just like a mule should be!

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