How to Make a Floral Box Garden

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This dazzling floral box garden can be created in a short amount of time and is a unique way to display your florals!

Pink and white flowers in a brown flower box

After having this on my table for the past few days,  I’ve decided it’s going to be my new way of giving flowers.

I’ve always been a fan of the succulent gardens, planted in shallow boxes that look gorgeous on a coffee table. But since it’s spring and there’s an array of gorgeous bright-colored flowers,  I thought it would be beautiful to create a “floral garden” using a 2 inch wooden box,  floral foam and a selection of spring blooms.

Beautiful flowers in a wooden box

Although succulent gardens do last longer than flowers, you would be surprised how long this beautiful box of flowers stays fresh, adding a bold amount of color to the room.

That is if you don’t have a baby pulling at them! If you’re planning on giving mom flowers for Mother’s Day, try this out! Not only will they last longer, but they make a lovely centerpiece for the dining table, coffee table or bedroom dresser.

Supplies for a Floral Box

2 blocks floral foam, 2″ deep,  square wooden box,  plastic wrap,  Lots of gorgeous flowers!


Cut the foam through the center… so you have two pieces that will fit into the box.

wooden box with floral foam

You’ll also need to cut some smaller pieces so you can cover the entire bottom,  kind of like a puzzle.

Cover the bottom with plastic, wrap and tape it to the sides.

wooden box with floral foam

Soak the foam in water,  then, place it back into the box.  Cut flower stems short and arrange!

Pink flowers in a wooden box

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We hope you love making this floral box garden as much as we did! Tag your photos on social @sugarandcharm so we can see!

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