My Living Room Before and After

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I finally finished our living room makeover! So I asked Sarah, from Smitten Studio, to help me pull together a modern, rustic living room. I needed someone to help bring my vision to life!

Living Room Before and After

There are SO many choices, styles and aesthetics I love, it was a real challenge to just choose a theme. Sarah helped me narrow down what I really wanted and we went through the design process using Pinterest boards, which was so much fun for me because you all know how much I love Pinterest!!

Before I had Sarah help me, Zan and I were using furniture from our college days! As you can see in the before photos, it was a bit of a disaster and in desperate need of some love.

Sarah also helped me with our current kitchen and home renovation and she did a fantastic job! You can actually hire her for consultation work through The Expert.

What concrete table from cb2

Before this makeover, I had never bought anything new to decorate with besides leather chairs, which we’ve now moved into our dining room sitting area. It was definitely time to invest in some nice pieces, and a well-designed room that we actually wanted to hang out in, haha.

Living room after with white table, yellow chair and gray couch

We had the couch custom-made from an awesome company called Stem. It was fun to choose the style, color, material, legs and height of the couch! Our last couch had a material on it that was not water friendly, so it left huge stains if I tried to clean it with water.

I made sure that the material for this couch was, making my life much easier with a toddler running around!

The pot, with the fiddle leaf tree in it, is from Modernica. They have such cool designs and I love the way it holds my tree!

console with striped lamps and mirror

We wanted to add some lights above the gallery wall, to shine down on the art, and also light up the area in the entry way. I went to one of my favorite online shops for lights and pendants, Cedar & Moss. I adore this company and the quality of their products.

Living room before and after

Having many pillows is a must! The pillows with the textured circles are from Marge Carson. We love the quality and style of these. They’re so unique and impressively designed.

The comfy yellow chair is from Crate and Barrel.

The coffee table is the shroom table from CB2. It’s natural stone and has a raw natural finish.

I wanted a simple console with a marble top, that I could also use to take photos of recipes on, etc. This one from West Elm was affordable and looks great.

The lamps on the console are from Crate and Barrel.

DIY gallery wall with pictures and wooden bench

The faux porcupine quill mirror is such a great staple piece and it’s perfect for a modern, ranch aesthetic. You can find it here!

The copper side table is actually from Urban Outfitters! It’s the perfect size to go next to the yellow chair.

Gallery wall

Most of the photos are ones Zan has taken. There is also a drawing he did in high school and then a pencil drawing of Teddy Roosevelt that I bought from Best Made. I’m still going to switch out one frame, and then it will be done!!

Fireplace and books
Fuzzy living room chair with gold lamp

I needed a basket under the console for blankets and pillows and I found the white one at HomeGoods. It was obviously a great price too!

The modern, fuzzy chair was gifted to me by a friend and then I reupholstered it in the faux alpaca fur. You can see the DIY video here!

Also, I had a wood worker make the bench, under the gallery wall, using some old wood our neighbor gave us. It worked perfectly and saved my budget too!

The art gallery wall was not easy to put together! Finding pieces and laying it out was much harder than I anticipated, but after much trial and error, I finally have something I love.

Gray couch in living room with dutch door
Living room before and after

Living Room Before Photos

These are some of the before pictures. We didn’t living in the house too long before I asked Sarah to work her magic, but as you can see it was in desperate need of design!

Living room before photo
empty living room before decorations
Living room before decoration

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27 thoughts on “My Living Room Before and After”

  1. Beautiful transformation! Question, what color and paint brand did you use for the walls?? I’m looking for a white or off white and this sone looks so nice!

  2. I adore the mid century stool with the spot print fabric. Did you have that reupholstered? If so could you share the source for the fabric? Thank you!

    • Hi! We had the bench custom made from a wood working friend. Pretty much found 4 pieces of salvaged wood and then built the bench with a reinforcement piece under! It cost about $65!!

  3. Love this makeover. It looks amazing. I see you answered the question about the paint on the fireplace but can you share the finish that was used for the paint on the fireplace? thanks!

  4. Thanks for the response! One more question, is the “P” pillow custom made or did you order it from somewhere? I love it on that chair. Thanks!

    • Hi Sarah! We didn’t link the rug source because I wouldn’t recommend buying from the company I did!! It took 5 months to actually receive the rug (after I paid for it!) and it came a day after I told them to cancel my order! It was pretty bad, so I would look elsewhere!!! Haha!!

    • Hi Lauren! We had it made from a local company here in LA since we replaced the entire panel, including the lights, etc. Let me know if you want their info 🙂

  5. I love the quill mirror! What a great statment piece! Did you repaint everything or just the brick on the fireplace? Could you source the wall anddl trim paint? It is the perfect backdrop!

    • Hi Stephanie! Thanks so much! We only repainted the brick on the fireplace. The wall paint is Mirage White from Behr and the fireplace is Polar Bear from Behr. The trim is just a classic, plain white from Behr too. If you can’t tell I kind of love Behr paint, HAHA!


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