The Perfect Halloween Candy Cart!

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This DIY candy cart is perfect for Halloween. We used a bar cart and decorated it with all sorts of fun items, from mini skeletons to cobwebs and, of course, loaded it with yummy candy! If this is for the adults, why not serve some Halloween cocktails on it too!

Hellooooooo CANDY CART! We wanted to create the perfect Halloween DIY candy cart, that’s super charming for a Halloween party!

Something a little more sophisticated and enjoyable for the “older kids” (aka adults) was our motivation for this! Most of us have a bar cart of some sort, so we used one as the base for our candy cart.

For stocking the cart with candy, we turned to our friends at Sugarfina… the luxury candy store that has taken Los Angeles by storm! Literally, when I see one, I make a bee-line for it to get a taste of their very addicting Sugar Lips candies!

candy cart for Halloween with flowers, skeletons, spider webs.

We did a fun feature with them, you can see it here! They provided us with the best selection of Halloween candy for our cart, from zombie brains to spooky sours, we filled jars and set out cute acrylic boxes for easy candy access!

How To Turn Your Bar Cart Into A Halloween Candy Cart

To decorate the cart, I went with non-traditional colors just to switch things up a bit. Easy decor details, like fresh flowers, add charm and mini-skeleton heads and spider webs give this sweet candy cart a tiny bit of spook!

For the back, we added a good amount of spider webs and intertwined it with some sticks and greens! Super easy to do, but adds so much to the overall look! Hope you’re inspired to create your own Halloween candy cart this year! Below is a little shopping guide to help!

The Perfect Halloween Candy Cart Shopping Guide

Mini-skeleton heads – These are great to fill apothecary jars with.

Beakers – Fun to use for candy, vases or even cocktails for Halloween.

Candy – We used a variety of Sugarfina Halloween candy and some of the candy they sell all year long.

Spider webs – We used about 3 bags of white spider webs to create the look we wanted.

Flowers, skeleton and candy on a candy cart.

Bar Carts Are Useful All Year Round!

Bar carts make the perfect stage for a DIY Halloween candy cart, maybe you’ve inherited one or bought one already. If not, a bar cart doens’t have to be just for Halloween!

When you’re not using them, bar carts tuck effortlessly into small nooks—between couches, alongside your kitchen island, and in pantries (if you must)—but thanks to their mobility, they can follow the party wherever it migrates.

Brain candy in beakers on a Halloween candy cart.

Of course bar carts are great for booze (as well as this awesome Halloween candy cart!), but they have lots of uses if you don’t want to top them with tipple! Here are some other uses for the nimble bar cart:

  • A towel holder in your bathroom.
  • A plant stand in your sunroom.
  • A nightstand in your bedroom.
  • Extra, super stylish kitchen storage space.
  • A mini media center with your TV on top.

There are so many amazing bar carts out there – to suit all types of decor – and they’re perfect for entertaining.

Beautiful Halloween candy cart filled with flowers, candy and skeletons

How To Put Up Fake Spiderwebs For Your Halloween Candy Cart

No Halloween Party, or candy cart, is complete without a lacing of fake spider webs! They instantly transform everyday items into atmospheric Halloween props. Here’s a step by step guide on how to put them up, hassle free!

Step 1

Remove the entire spiderweb from the bag. Spread it out to its full length. Stretch it slightly width-wise until the fibers are just beginning to separate.

Step 2

Measure out the length of webbing you would like to use, and cut it away with the scissors. Pull a piece from the web you measured and begin stretching it out, separating the fibers with your fingers until you have a thin veil of webbing with no visible blobs of cotton.

The more you stretch it, the more realistic your web will look. Don’t worry about making it so thin that no one will be able to see it; you can add more layers later, but once you’ve tacked it up, it’s difficult to take parts of the web away.

Step 3

Spread the webbing over the surface you wish to use and secure it with thumbtacks or a staple gun. Anchor the web at as many points as possible to prevent it from clumping together in the wind.

 skeleton on candy cart

Step 4

Cut away another length of spiderweb and separate it as you did the first. If your first set of webbing was too thin, layer the new webbing over the old webbing and secure it. Otherwise, cover another area with the spiderweb.

Step 5

Continue putting up thin veils of spiderwebs until you are satisfied with their appearance. If you like, you can add small, lightweight fake spiders to the webbing. However, heavy spiders will break the fragile webs

overhead shot of candy cart

Tips For Your Halloween Candy Cart

  • Get creative with your containers! Use apothecary jars or beakers for candy and get that mad scientist vibe!
  • If you want to put fake spiders on your webs, make sure you keep them fairly lightweight, or they may break the web.
  • If you want to get more sophisticated with your candy cart, add a pop of green with a few flowers. You can use beakers as vases, it looks great!
  • If you can, try to use see through containers for your candy, this allows guests to see all the yummy treats on offer and makes the cany cart super colorful!
shot of brain jellies

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shot of skull and pink flowers

If you made this Halloween Candy Cart or any other project on Sugar and Charm, let me know how it turned out in the comments below!

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