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DIY Denim Napkins

Get out your old jeans and let’s make some napkins that are perfect for BBQs or great for hostess gifts!
Author: Eden


  • Old Jeans
  • Blue Thread
  • Ruler
  • Sewing Pins
  • Sewing Machine
  • Iron


  • If the old jeans you’re using aren’t soft, you’ll want to stick them in the washing machine with some tennis balls or sneakers and fabric softener. Here’s a tutorial on how to soften denim.
  • Once your denim is softened and dried, lay it out and cut four 19 x 15-inch rectangles.Starting with one side, fold it 1/4″ inch in, then fold it again another 1/4″ and iron. Keep it together with pins.
  • Do that to all of the edges, this is so you won’t have a hard seem.Sew a straight line just along the folded edge, reinforcing when you get to the ends. Do this on every side.
  • Iron them flat and tie with twine to give as a hostess gift!


Wash the jeans before starting this project.