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DIY Coconut Bowls

These DIY bowls are so cute!
Total Time1 hr
Author: Eden



  • Coconuts
  • hammer
  • sandpaper
  • screwdriver
  • knife
  • spoon
  • sealer or decoupage glue.


  • Use a screwdriver and a hammer on the bottom of the coconut. Hit the screwdriver several times with the hammer until you feel and hear a hollow sound. We made 3 holes in each.
  • Shake the coconut over a bowl to get all of the water out. Strain the water so you can drink it! Yum.
  • Using a hammer, pound in the center of the coconut, all the way around. This will create a line and eventually the coconut will break! You will have to go around a few times for the coconut to break.
  • When the coconut breaks in half, you can scrape some of the meat out. After we got some of the meat out, we microwaved the coconuts to soften the rest of the meat. Then using a spoon and knife we lifted it out in larger chunks. It does take some time, but it's worth it!
  • Using very coarse sandpaper, sand the inside and all of the outside until completely smooth!
  • Seal the coconuts with decoupage, or food safe sealer if you're going to use them to serve food.


One coconut makes two bowls