Hi! Welcome to Sugar and Charm! I’m Eden Passante and I develop, create, style and photograph every recipe and party on Sugar and Charm. I’m the author of Entertaining with Charm and have a Bachelor’s Degree in Home Economics from California State University, Northridge! I’m here to help you create simple and easy recipes for entertaining and how to add charm to any gathering!

More About Eden

I grew up in a remote California town where the northern ocean coast meets massive redwood trees. There wasn’t much to do, so I baked, crafted, and took every art class available to keep myself busy. When I turned 18, I headed to Los Angeles!

I started Sugar and Charm in 2010, and it has grown into an influential recipe and entertaining brand where I share how to host beautiful parties and the art of entertaining. I inspire readers to become confident home entertainers by sharing easy-to-make recipescocktailsand desserts and hosting inspiration.

I believe that entertaining doesn’t have to be intimidating or complicated. It’s all about bringing people together around something delicious and creating an experience that will make them feel welcome. 

I’m all about lovely presentations, charming details, gorgeous platters, and uncomplicated dishes to create memorable gatherings with my favorite people. From large cheese platters to elegant signature cocktails, I show people that entertaining can be a piece of cake. No matter your skill level or budget.

I’m so proud that I’ve built a platform to share my passions for entertaining, baking, decorating, crafting, home décor, flower arranging— everything I’m hopelessly obsessed with. Sugar and Charm is my creative outlet, and I love hosting dinner parties, blogging about entertaining and sharing must-haves; it’s all part of my mission to make everyday occasions more special. 

Features and Publications

I have been featured in many notable publications over the years. My work has appeared in Etsy, Real Simple, The Wall Street Journal, Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn, Martha Stewart, House Beautiful, CNN, Better Homes & Gardens, ExtraTV, Home & Family TV,  Food Network, and countless other outlets.

I’ve also had the opportunity to collaborate with brands like Pinterest, Williams Sonoma, Yankee Candle, Target, L’Oréal, Etsy, Vitamix, General Mills, and so many more!

I’m always excited to have the chance to share my entertaining tips and tricks with a broad audience. Whether through videos or print publications, it’s always an honor to be featured in these fantastic outlets!

In 2019, I was nominated for Best Entertaining Blog in the SAVEUR Blog Awards. I’ve been named Top 10 Entertaining Blogs by Domino. In 2012, I had the honor of becoming an affiliate with A&E’s Lifetime Moms, where I was chosen to be one of the first hosts of a Lifetime Moms-branded video series on entertaining and baking. This is where my video career started!

Home Economics

My college degree in Home Economics from California State University, Northridge has been invaluable to my career as an entertaining expert. Not only did I gain an understanding of food science, nutrition, food management, and textiles, but the coursework also touched on various other topics such as child development, finance, family studies, and more. 

These aspects have helped me develop my approach to entertaining, from planning a menu and hosting a gathering to creating stunning decorations.

My home economics classes also taught me the basics of food science, which has helped me develop recipes for Sugar and Charm. I am passionate about the art of Home Economics in schools and support American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences.


In addition to creating content for Sugar & Charm, I’m finishing my first book, in which I will share the best recipes for a gathering. This book will be out in Fall 2024!

I live in Los Angeles with my husband, two boys, and a sweet dog named Bella! 

You can follow along with my daily adventures on my Instagram Stories.

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