I’m Eden! I started Sugar and Charm in 2010 after I graduated with a degree in Home Economics. Since you’re wondering… yes, it’s still a major! During my time in college, I studied food science, nutrition, food management, textiles, child development, finance, and family studies.

I grew up in a sleepy California town where the northern ocean coast meets massive redwood trees, and where the closest mall is 2 hours away (pre-Amazon days!). So I baked, crafted and took every art class available to keep me busy and creative. After college, I combined my passions for baking and hosting parties with my home economics background to create a brand that’s all about the art of entertaining. 

In 2019 I was nominated for Best Entertaining Blog in the SAVEUR Blog Awards. I’ve been named top 10 Entertaining Blogs by Domino. In 2012, I had the honor of becoming an affiliate with A&E’s Lifetime Moms, where I was chosen to be one of the first hosts of a Lifetime Moms-branded video series on entertaining and baking. This is where my video career started! Since then, I have hosted a video series called Party Crushing for Food Network and have created videos and content for Dunkin’ Donuts, Pier 1, General Mills, TollHouse, Lifetime and the FYI Network.

I have been an online editor for Martha Stewart, and I’ve made my mark on the world of entertaining and hosting with online publications and countless collaborations for brands like Target, L’Oréal, Macy’s Chobani, Etsy, and more. I’ve been featured in publications such as Real Simple, Crate and Barrel, Martha Stewart, and Good House Keeping. I’ve also been a special guest on ExtraTV, the FYI Network, or Home & Family TV. I currently live in Los Angeles with my husband and two boys. 


Sugar and Charm is an influential home and entertaining brand teaching readers how to host beautiful parties and the art of entertaining. We inspire readers to become confident home entertainers by sharing easy-to-make recipes, cocktails, desserts and hosting inspiration.

We believe in making parties and get- togethers special by focusing on the pretty details, the charming table setting, a unique cocktail or decadent dessert, all while keeping the food effortless and simple.

We’re all about lovely presentations, gorgeous platters and uncomplicated dishes to create memorable gatherings with your favorite people. From summer pool parties to packing the perfect picnic or designing a comfy guest room, we’re all about entertaining and, of course, doing it all with charm!

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