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Charming Travels: What to do in Ojai


CharmingTravels_Ojai_21 CharmingTravels_Ojai_20 CharmingTravels_Ojai_18 CharmingTravels_Ojai_17 CharmingTravels_Ojai_16 CharmingTravels_Ojai_14 CharmingTravels_Ojai_13 CharmingTravels_Ojai_12 CharmingTravels_Ojai_11 CharmingTravels_Ojai_10 CharmingTravels_Ojai_9 CharmingTravels_Ojai_8 CharmingTravels_Ojai_7 CharmingTravels_Ojai_5CharmingTravels_Ojai_25Ojai, California has been a mini-travel destination for us over the past 7 years! Aside from having a history of celebrities making their home there, Ojai is a charming little California town that’s perfect for day trips. It’s just a quick drive from Los Angeles and is a place where you can really relax and enjoy the stunning scenery. Most of the time we just head there for the day, but this time we decided to stay the night so we could wake up and visit the olive oil ranch and eat breakfast at Knead! Below is a little travel guide for some of our favorite places and what to do in Ojai.

Charming Travels: Ojai

Where to stay

Ojai Rancho Inn: We stayed here and I liked the rustic vibe. It definitely has more of a motel feeling and to be honest I felt it was a little pricey for one night. It’s not luxury, but there are Jacuzzi tubs in the rooms and our son loved that.

Lavender Inn: I have yet to stay here but I hear it’s very relaxing and peaceful! The name alone makes me want to spend a weekend here!

Ojai Valley Inn and Spa: Perfect for the ultimate relaxation and luxury getaway.

Blue Iguana Inn: We’ve driven past this place many times and heard it was a very nice Inn to stay at! We’ll be trying it next time!

Where to Eat

Knead Baking Co: This is my favorite breakfast spot in Ojai. The pastries and other breakfast items are incredible. They don’t have espresso though, so if you want a latte grab one at Ojai Coffee Roasters down the street before you go.

Ojai Deer Lodge: We love the rustic atmosphere of this place! It’s a tiny, cozy lodge with a giant fire place and great outdoor seating. The food is rustic too and they serve good Bloody Marys with bacon and Moscow Mules. Late at night they have live music too!

Boccalis: We’ve eaten here countless times because we LOVE the outdoor setting (it’s nestled in orange groves!) and the giant lawn for our son. The pizza is their main thing and it’s not bad. But I love the eggplant parmesan and antipasto salad and you can’t leave without getting a strawberry shortcake!

The Farmer and The Cook: This is my favorite lunch spot! It’s an organic vegan market and cafe serving up delicious Mexican-inspired cuisine! We love it!

Azu: We had reservations here and then switched to go to Deer Lodge last minute. We’ll try this next time because I’ve heard great things about it!

The Summit: You can stop here for burgers and shakes if you’re in upper Ojai. It’s had a history and was closed for a while, but it’s open again and was bustling when we drove by!

Where to Shop

deKora & Co: This was by far my favorite store in Ojai! It’s full of home decor, beauty products, furniture and the owner has the best style ever! I’m a little envious of this place, ha!

Shop Summer Camp: Located in an old gas station, this store is stocked with cool rustic-inspired camping decor! If you liked Wes Anderson’s movie Moonrise Kingdom then you’ll love this store, haha!

Tripple and Ramble: Indoor and outdoor decor and beautiful entertaining items!

What to Do

Olive Oil Ranch: We spent the morning running around the grounds, relaxing in the hammock and tasting olive oil from the farm. It’s a beautiful place to visit and the olive oil is incredible. Our favorite is the garlic oil olive! It’s only open Wednesday and Saturday.

Horseback Riding: You’ll see horses everywhere in Ojai, which I love! There are several companies, like Valley Trail Riding Company, that offer horseback tours.

New Oak Ranch: A place for u-pick lavender. Only open a few months out of the year, so check the dates before you go!

Old Creek Ranch Winery: We love wine tasting here! It’s peaceful and you can sip a glass of wine outside while enjoying the setting.

There are also plenty of hiking and gorgeous drives all around Ojai! Definitely enough to do to keep you busy for a visit!




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  1. August 9, 2017

    Those photos are gorgeous! That trip sounds pretty great, just driving through the countryside of Iceland, so I can see how it would have inspired further travels.It’s definitely one of my top countries ever.Your story sounds exactly like mine (except my muse was Mexico). I’m a few steps behind you, but someday soon I hope to be where you are. Thanks for the inspiration!

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