Charming Printable Saint Patrick’s Day Tattoos


SaintPatrick'sDayTattoosStPatricksDayTattoos_1StPatricksDayTattoos_2 StPatricksDayTattoos_3 StPatricksDayTattoos_4SAC_SaintPatricksDay_Tattoos_webOn March 17th, don’t leave the house without your green printable Saint Patrick’s Day tattoos! We created some charming printable St. Paddy’s tattoos that you can wear to ensure you won’t get pinched! Use our download with this tattoo paper and if you have a standard inkjet printer at home, you’re set! You can also bring a sheet of tattoo paper to an office supply store and they will print on it on their inkjet for you. The bonus with this paper is that it’s almost like an extremely thin clear sticker, so instead of scrubbing the tattoo ink off you can actually peel it off at the end of the night! More details below!

Charming Printable Saint Patrick’s Day Tattoos

Download the printable tattoos here! This file is mirrored so it will transfer correctly on your skin.

Print on the glossy side of this paper, then let it dry for a few minutes.

Peel the green sticky paper and place directly on top of the printed tattoo sheet.

Push down to remove any air bumps.

Cut each tattoo out very close to the edge of the graphic.

Peel the clear sticker off and then place the graphic on your skin.

Hold a wet paper towel over the paper for 60 seconds, then pull the paper off. Enjoy and stay charming!

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7 responses to Charming Printable Saint Patrick’s Day Tattoos

  1. sharon
    February 27, 2015

    FUN! those arm tattoos look sooooo real. my kids would freak right out! i just may try this!

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