15 St. Patrick’s Day Cocktails

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We followed the piper and rounded up 15 of our favorite SSt. Patrick’s Day Cocktails to celebrate the Irish holiday!

Whether you’re staying at home or heading out with friends, one or two of these cocktails will be sure to get your party started!

So set up a St. Patrick’s Day bar and make one of these delicious St. Patrick’s Day-inspired cocktails below! Also, download our fun St. Patrick’s Day tattoos.

A few key ingredients you’ll need…

Most of the recipes below use Irish Whiskey, Guinness Beer and Baileys Irish Cream. Those are classic ingredients and flavors for making St. Patrick Day cocktails!

15 St. Partick’s Day Cocktails

Cocktail in coupe with a mint leaf and Irish whiskey in the back.

Drunken Leprechaun

Drunken Leprechaun is made with a Guinness Reduction, lemon, Irish whiskey, mint, and simple syrup. This cocktail made me like whiskey! Recipe by Sugar and Charm.

Green Irish Whiskey Sangria with green fruit in a large pitcher.

Green Irish Whiskey Sangria

A Green Irish Whiskey Sangria made with white wine, Irish whiskey and all green fruit like apples, kiwi, pears, and grapes! Recipe by Sugar and Charm.

Sour green apple margaritas overhead with lemons, apples and jalapeños.

Sour Green Apple Jalapeño Margarita

A unique Sour Green Apple Jalapeno Margarita made with Jalapeno Simple Syrup, green apple juice, and lime juice! Perfectly green for St. Patrick’s Day! Recipe by Heather Christo.

Coupe with Guinness Beer and glasses on white tablecloth.

Baby Guinness

Baby Guinness is made with Kalua coffee liqueur and Irish Cream. An easy St. Patrick’s Day cocktail! Recipe via Buzzfeed.

Green apple, ginger martini for St. Patricks Day.

Green Apple Ginger Martini

Green Apple Ginger Martini is made with apple infused vodka and a green apple, lime juice! Recipe by Gourmande in the Kitchen.

kiwi capiroska over ice in a white bowl.

Kiwi Capiroska

Kiwi Capiroska is similar to a caipirinha, which is made with cachaca and a capiroska is made with vodka. It has kiwi, mint, lime, vodka, and tonic water. Recipe from Spoon Fork Bacon.

Dublin Iced Coffee with cream being poured into it.

Dublin Iced Coffee

Dublin Iced Coffee is made with cold brew, Guinness, Irish cream and heavy cream. The best way to wake up on St. Patricks Day! Recipe from Bon Appétit.

A Guinness float with chocolate syrup coming down the glass.

Guinness Floats

It’s all about ice cream and Irish beer with these fun Guinness Floats! Recipe from Inspired by Charm.

Irish Mule with Pear and mint in a copper mug.

Pear Irish Mule

Our signature Irish Mule is made with pear puree, Irish whiskey, and ginger syrup. It’s absolutely delicious! Recipe by Sugar and Charm.

Green whiskey smash with mint in a glass and lime.

Green Whiskey Smash

Green Whiskey Smash is made with cucumber, int, whiskey, and limeade. Sounds refreshing and we love a good smash! Recipe by Always Order Dessert.

Green tea Irish Whiskey in a punch bowl.

Green Tea Irish Whiskey Punch

Always need a good party punch recipe. This Green Tea Irish Whiskey Punch is made with green tea, lemon juice, ginger ale, honey, and Irish whiskey. It’s light and refreshing. Recipe by Sugar and Charm.

Matcha Mint Juleps in tall glasses with mint.

Matcha Mint Juleps

Matcha Mint Juleps are the perfect St. Patricks Day drink! This recipe uses matcha powder. Recipe by The Bojon Gourmet.

Irish Whiskey Affogato with coffee and ice cream.

Irish Whiskey Affogato

Irish Whiskey Affogato is a classic affogato using ice cream, whiskey, and espresso. Recipe via Honestly Yum.

Jameson Sour Whiskey with peach in a glass.

Jameson Sour Whiskey

If you’re looking for something fruity, try this Jameson Sour Whiskey made with frozen peaches and lemon juice! Recipe from Martha Stewart.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do the Irish drink on St. Patrick’s Day?

Guinness and Irish Whiskey! Furthermore, Guinness is the best selling beer in Ireland.

What do you take to a St Patrick’s Day party?

If you’re bringing a drink, bring some cold Guinness, a bottle of Baileys or Irish Whiskey. You can also make a batch cocktail from one of the recipes above to bring to a party. In addition to a cocktail or drink, bring a fun baked item!

What is the flavor of Guinness?

It’s a rich, coffee-like flavor with a little tang. The thick, creamy white layer is from mixing the beer with nitrogen and carbon dioxide.

We hope you’re inspired to make one of these fabulous St. Patrick’s Day Cocktails!! Let us know what you think in the comments below! Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

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