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Charming Travels: Alaska!

July 1, 2015 | Charming Travels | Snippets of Life | Comments

CharmingTravelsAlaska_28 CharmingTravelsAlaska_35CharmingTravelsAlaska_25CharmingTravelsAlaska_29CharmingTravelsAlaska_27CharmingTravelsAlaska_26CharmingTravelsAlaska_23CharmingTravelsAlaska_30CharmingTravelsAlaska_18CharmingTravelsAlaska_19CharmingTravelsAlaska_21CharmingTravelsAlaska_37CharmingTravelsAlaska_20CharmingTravelsAlaska_22CharmingTravelsAlaska_17CharmingTravelsAlaska_16CharmingTravelsAlaska_15 CharmingTravelsAlaska_38CharmingTravelsAlaska_13CharmingTravelsAlaska_31CharmingTravelsAlaska_14CharmingTravelsAlaska_7CharmingTravelsAlaska_6CharmingTravelsAlaska_5CharmingTravelsAlaska_36CharmingTravelsAlaska_11CharmingTravelsAlaska_12CharmingTravelsAlaska_10CharmingTravelsAlaska_8CharmingTravelsAlaska_9CharmingTravelsAlaska_2CharmingTravelsAlaska_1CharmingTravelsAlaska_3We’ve shared a stunning video Madcitizen created for Princess and our adventures aboard the Ruby Princess and I’m excited to finally share our photos of our time in each charming city! This Charming Travels Alaska trip was so memorable to us and we were excited to spend it with my husband and two of my sweetest friends Mara and Val. What an adventure it was!! Alaska, you are gorgeous and we can’t wait to come back!

We visited 3 places in Alaska on our Princess Cruise. First stop was a quaint fishing town tucked away in the mountains, called Ketchikan. It’s a picturesque town with a charming downtown, surrounded by lush forest. Really breathtaking! We went on a nature walk and saw several bald eagles, which was awesome!! We then headed to The George Inlet Lodge for the best Dungeness crab feast ever while enjoying stunning views. Ketchikan is known for its rain, but luckily we had 80 degree weather the day we were exploring!

In Juneau, we had a once in a lifetime opportunity to take a helicopter to a massive glacier and go dog sledding with dogs training for the Iditarod! It was spectacular!! We landed on what looked like a different planet, with 200 dog adobes and a few tents, where the trainers live. Other than that, there is absolutely nothing there but miles and miles of white snow and the glacier. Our guide told us a little about their day, which is full of chores, cooking and then pulling colored poker chips to see who cleans the dishes at night, haha!

We also walked around the very charming town of Juneau as it drizzled rain on us on and off… which coming from LA, we were loving! My favorite boutique was Kindred Post, which also acts as the mini post office for the locals or if you want to send one of their sweet postcards home! We ate at the BEST restaurant in Juneau called the Rookery! The vegetable bibimbap was the best I’ve ever had. Paired with good wine and beer, it was my favorite offshore dinner the entire trip. It’s a must if you visit! We were all super impressed.

In Skagway, we rode the White Pass & Yukon Railroad that followed the original White Pass Summit route. We road in the luxury cart that served beverages, light snacks and dessert. It had comfortable swivel chairs so you can look out the window at the most gorgeous scenery as you chug up to a 2,865 foot elevation. It was my first time on a working, vintage train! It was pretty smooth going up, but coming down was pretty bumpy. I can only imagine what it was like traveling by train back in the day! The chef and owner of the Rookery told us about Starfire, an amazing thai restaurant in Skaway. He said it’s so good, they have it flown to Juneau for dinner sometimes! Who knew Skagway would be putting out the best Thai food?! Ha! It was a wonderful lunch and probably one of the best places in the town. We walked for a few hours around Skagway, stopping at little bakeries and shops.

Our last stop was actually Victoria, B.C. and my first time in Canada! We took a tour around the city… oh my gorgeous!! And then ended with high tea at the Empress Hotel and a walk through Victoria at night. It couldn’t have been better! Alaska is truly a magical place and we really enjoyed all of its beauty and grandeur.

Thank you Zan Passante for taking all of the these incredible photos!


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10 Responses to Charming Travels: Alaska!

  • Erika says:

    Such an awesome place! I’ve been to the horseshoe of Anchorage, skipping around to Kenai, Seward, and eventually, Homer. I would L O V E to go back! Especially somewhere a little farther south next time 😉

    • Eden Eden says:

      Yes!! It was amazing! I would love to go back and explore even more as well! There is so much to see! Sounds like you had a great time too :)

  • Holy wow — these photos are AMAZING!!! I’m dying to go back!!! It was the best time…truly! xo

  • Diana says:

    Alaska has never been on my travel bucket list but recently it’s been catching my eye more and more. I mean your photos are just amazing, and seems like you had a one in a lifetime experience. Definitely must go now! Thanks for sharing your adventures.

  • Trina says:

    Wow! Alaska looks so beautiful! I’m definitely adding it to my travel bucket list. What an amazing experience! Thanks for sharing.

    • Eden Eden says:

      Thank you so much Trina! You would love it and it’s totally bucket list worthy! VERY happy we got to explore it!

  • Vikki Baker says:

    My husband & I are going on a land/cruise to Alaska at the end of August this year for our 25 wedding anniversary trip.
    I am so excited and your pictures are just beautiful. I will definitely try some of these places. Thank you for the wonderful article and photos! By the way, I love your hat, would you share where you got it?
    Thanks so much!

    • Eden Eden says:

      Hi Vikki!! Thank you so much for the sweet comment! You and your husband are going to LOVE Alaksa!! Great idea to spend even more time on land too… AND yes PLEASE try both of those restaurants if you stop in Juneau or Skagway, I can promise you they are the best! The hat is a Stetson I found in a western shop, but you can buy them online too :) Enjoy your trip!

  • Kimyee says:

    All of these moments captured are truly INCREDIBLE! Those sled dogs though–and bald eagle!? Ah-mazing guys, thanks for sharing your adventures.

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