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Lavender Pineapple Juice


LavenderPineappleJuice1Sometimes during the day I get the urge for a refreshing beverage that’s extremely easy and quick to make. I was inspired by the fresh lavender that grows in our front yard. It came with the house and I actually just noticed it the other day when I was picking flowers! I was shocked and probably jumped up and down a bit… yes over lavender. I had to fight with the bees to share just a few sprigs with me. When I finally scored a few sprigs, I made some fresh lavender pineapple juice that was incredible and super simple! These are a great drink to serve when entertaining because you can make a giant batch. You also don’t necessarily have to “juice” your own pineapple. You can buy the organic, just pineapple juice or chunks at the store and it makes it that much easier. Also, this is a great base for one mean cocktail. Add a shot of pineapple vodka and you’re done! Yum!

Lavender Pineapple Juice (makes one beverage)

1 cup pineapple juice (fresh or store bought)

1 teaspoon fresh lavender

One small chunk of whole pineapple


Blend all of the ingredients together in a blender until frothy – about a minute.

Strain over crushed ice and garnish with lavender. Enjoy!!










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6 responses to Lavender Pineapple Juice

  1. Kimberley Anderson
    July 17, 2013

    This looks amazing! A perfect summer cocktail! Can not wait to try this although I will probably have to add some spirits to it. Yum!

  2. Kristin
    July 18, 2013

    This is such a pretty drink! And it sounds really yummy!

  3. July 19, 2013

    I love pineapple in any form. So sure would try this recipe. Not sure how lavender will taste but hope it will be a positive experience.

  4. Gina
    January 8, 2015

    How did I miss this drink recipe? I will have to try it since I have lavender growing in our yard too. Thanks so much, Eden!

    1. Eden
      January 12, 2015

      It’s the best!! I have so much lavender too, I’m always thinking of ways to use it. Thank goodness it’s so versatile!! 🙂

  5. April 25, 2017

    Thanks for sharing, this was very good.

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