7 Tips for Creating DIY Wedding Flowers on a Budget


There’s really no reason to spend thousands of dollars on wedding flowers! With the help of friends, you can create beautiful DIY wedding arrangements by using seasonal flowers and choosing elegant, yet simple designs that anyone can do. Honestly, save your money for the honeymoon! A few months ago, I helped a friend out with DIY flowers for her rustic barn wedding (featured pics). She had a large wedding of 200 guests and didn’t want to spend a fortune on florals. We came up with a plan to create gorgeous arrangements for less than half the price a florist would charge. The wedding turned out incredibly stunning and the bride and guests loved what we created! Here are my 7 tips for brides creating DIY wedding flowers on a budget…

1. Ask a friend, family member or someone you trust to help execute your vision for your flowers. They will also be the ones to put the arrangements together the day before the wedding, bring them to the wedding and set them up. I’ve done this for several of my friends!

2. Shop by your wedding colors, not by the type of flower. If you love a certain type of flower that’s not in season, you will pay a fortune flying them in from another part of the world! Instead shop by seasonal flowers in your wedding colors.

3. Buy from local growers in your area. You can’t beat the quality of the local flowers! We bought the majority of the flowers from Skyline Growers (a local farm) and some from the LA Flower Mart. The ones that came from Skyline were bright, full and lasted much longer than the ones from the mart, which were flown in and probably cut a week before.

4. Use your friends! This would be the only time I would say that (ha!) but it’s true. If you know someone you makes awesome wooden boxes or someone who can get a good deal on vases, ask them to help. We had a local wood worker create 13 wooden flower boxes for the centerpieces. They ended up costing half the price compared to wooden boxes online.

5. Shop vintage and thrift stores for glass vases and unique objects to put flowers in. You will most likely have months to plan your wedding, so slowly buy things you like and start a mini collection.

6. Use a florist to create your wedding bouquets and boutonnieres. When I help my friends, I always make sure they have a florist create their wedding bouquets. This way I can focus solely on the decor flowers and not worry about the delivery of the bouquets and boutonnieres.

7. When you’re shopping for a venue to host your wedding, try to find a place that will allow for a full day set up, the day or even the night before. This will help relieve any time-related stress when creating your flowers. You can even make sure everything is set up the way you want! I’ve worked at venues where you’re only allowed two hours for set-up and it’s absolutely exhausting!

Photos by the very talented Michelle Warren Photography. Flowers by Sugar and Charm

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9 responses to 7 Tips for Creating DIY Wedding Flowers on a Budget

  1. Ruth D
    January 22, 2014

    Great tips! We got the flowers for my daughter’s wedding from Costco. They have independent people who do the ordering and if you talk to them nicely, they will make your bouquets, etc for a *tip*. The woman we dealt with was wonderful. She helped choose the flowers and gave us tons of helpful hints based on the colors and it being an outside event. The flowers were fresh and lovely. It was a fraction of the cost of a florist.

    1. February 1, 2014

      Great information! Our daughter is planning a May wedding and we are looking for a fresh floral alternative due to the expense. It seems when you mention “wedding” the price goes up in quadruple digits.
      We don’t have a Costco here but I’m wondering if Sam’s Club could/would provide that service as well.
      Thanks for your post!

      1. Eden
        February 4, 2014

        Debbi! I think you’re right, the up charge for weddings is a lot. Try a local nursery too!

    2. Eden
      February 4, 2014

      Love this Ruth! There are so many great ways to go around paying a fortune for flowers and it forces you to get creative! Great idea going to Costco too 🙂

  2. December 2, 2017

    Such wonderful tips… i love it!

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