Easy Halloween Skull Centerpiece


HalloweenSkullPlanter_3HalloweenSkullPlanter_2HalloweenSkullPlanter_4HalloweenSkullPlanter_1 We teamed up with Erin from White Fig Designs to create this adorable and easy Halloween centerpiece using a pre-decorated styrofoam skull and succulents! It’s so simple to make and lasts the entire month of October! I usually put out my Halloween decor items throughout the month of October. I’ve had this arrangement sitting on a cake stand in our kitchen and I love how festive and charming it is! It goes well with my fairy tale pumpkins, skeleton garland and candles. I think I’ll place it outside on Halloween night. Directions below!

Succulent Halloween Skull Centerpiece
1 styrofoam skeleton head (this one came pre-decorated at the LA flower mart, but most craft stores have something similar and in different sizes)
duct tape
planting dirt
handful of moss


Cut a hole in the top of the styrofoam skeleton in the shape of a square.

Use that piece (that you just removed) to fit into the bottom of the skeleton if there is an opening. You might need to cut it to adjust.

Fill the bottom with a handful of moss, make it come out of the eyes and nose.

Use duct tape to tape around the edges of the hole, so the styrofoam doesn’t get too wet when watering the plants.

Add in the dirt and plants.

Sprinkle with water every few days and enjoy!


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15 responses to Easy Halloween Skull Centerpiece

  1. sharon
    October 7, 2014

    oh awesome! this brought a smile to my face!

    1. Eden
      October 7, 2014

      Thanks Sharon!!! 🙂

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  3. October 26, 2014

    OMG, this is amazing! I have to do this. I’m going to explore in the woods today and see if I can’t find an animal skull.

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  11. January 17, 2016

    I was wondering where you got this skull from.
    I had bought this same exact one from a grocery store chain that’s unique to the state of Texas. I really loved it and thought it was the cutest thing. Sadly, a few days ago my German Shepherd puppy got to it and completely destroyed it. I miss having it on my decorated shelves. :/ If you could please try and remember where you bought it or maybe even remember what the company name was or product name, anything would really help. I’ve looked everywhere and this is the only place that I’ve seen the same skull. If any information comes up, please email me back at madisonmeredith@gmail.com Thank you for your time

    1. Eden
      January 18, 2016

      Hi Madison!! Sorry about your skeleton skull!! What a bummer!! So we actually bought them downtown LA in the flower district. I know, totally doesn’t help you! I will try to do some more research and get back to you though!!

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