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Neapolitan Milkshakes


Today on Sugar and Charm, we’re serving up some yummy Neapolitan Milkshakes! For those of you who can’t choose between chocolate, vanilla or strawberry you can just layer them to create a beautiful Neapolitan milkshake that has all the flavors! To make this delicious frozen treat, blend 3 cups of ice cream with 1 cup milk to make a thick shake. So 3 cups chocolate, 3 cups strawberry and 3 cups vanilla and then each of those blended with 1 cup milk. Then layer them on top of each other! It makes about 4 milkshakes! And if you absolutely love milkshakes try these flavors out too… Cracker Jack,  4 delicious spiked milkshakes or a boozy coffee and bourbon milkshake.

Sugar and Charm uses garden markers at drink stirrers
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One response to Neapolitan Milkshakes

  1. Alexis
    January 8, 2018

    Please tell me where those glasses are from!

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