10 Useful Summer Entertaining Etiquette Tips

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 Summer is here and I know many of you will be hosting fabulous summer parties! We asked Diane Gottsman to share some useful entertaining etiquette tips for summer!

Diane is an etiquette expert in modern manners and owner of the Protocol School of Texas and has years of experience in entertaining etiquette! Study and learn! And make sure to visit Diane’s site for more helpful tips on all things entertaining!!

Summer etiquette tips and graphic

Summer Etiquette Tips

Send A Well-Timed Invitation

Mail your invitation, or email for less formal events 3 to 4 weeks in advance.

Skip The Regrets Only

This gesture seems easy enough but an expedient RSVP is the sign of polite guests.

Don’t Keep People Guessing

Let guests know what to wear by including specific details.

Request Dietary Restriction Needs

On the RSVP create a line for those who have severe allergies to notify you in advance.

Offer a Variety of Food Options

Plan your menu to accommodate a variety of choices for everyone.

Always Have a Plan B

If lighting is in the forecast, have a great playlist ready and clear the floor for a dance party!

Invite Guests That Don’t Know Eachother

Seat talkative people next to quieter types and mix couples so they can get to know new people.

Don’t Run Out of Important Supplies

Set up the table a week before, buy extra provisions for extra assurance.

Find a Nice Place for Your Favorite Pooch

Put her in a quiet room with a favorite toy. Keep her calm while the party frenzy is taking place.

Enjoy Yourself

Nothing makes a party more special than a host who shows she’s having a great time!

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