DIY Pumpkin Ice Cream Cones


IceCreamConePumpkins_4IceCreamConePumpkins_6IceCreamConePumpkins_5IceCreamConePumpkins_9IceCreamConePumpkins_1IceCreamConePumpkins_2IceCreamConePumpkins_3DIYPumpkinIceCreamCones_9.Friday night we’re having family, friends and their kids over for an evening of pumpkin decorating! We won’t be carving pumpkins since the kids are still too little, so I wanted to create a few fun projects they could do in conjunction with putting stickers and silly masks on their pumpkins. I was thinking of ideas that kids would love and I thought… ice cream! The tiny white pumpkins are the perfect canvas for creating ice cream cones out of pumpkins! Tipped upside down they’re adorable Halloween decor. Romeo was jumping for joy when I showed him how to make a pumpkin ice cream cone! It does require hot-glue, so that’s obviously something an adult should do. But kids, big and small, will be elated with how cool it is to make these adorable pumpkin ice cream cones!

DIY Pumpkin Ice Cream Cones 

Mini white pumpkins

Different colored paints, I used standard acrylic paint or “tool paint”

Sugar and cake cones

Hot-glue gun

Sprinkles for decorating


Paint the pumpkins and let them dry (use a hair dryer if you need them to dry quicker)

If you’re going to add sprinkles, add them to the pumpkin when the paint is wet. Happy creating!


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8 responses to DIY Pumpkin Ice Cream Cones

  1. Gina
    October 9, 2014

    Those are just darling! Thank you, Eden!

    1. Eden
      October 14, 2014

      Thank you Gina!! They’re so much fun for kids! We made them Friday night and the kiddos loved them 🙂

  2. October 14, 2014

    Oh my goodness…these are beyond darling! Such a super cute idea!

    1. Eden
      October 14, 2014

      Thanks Mollie! XO

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