DIY Pumpkin Concrete Decorations

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These concrete pumpkin decorations are so delightful! You put them on your front porch or as a table centerpiece, wherever you want a bit of fall charm!

top down shot of pumpkin decorations - pumpkin pail

Who knew concrete could be so charming, right?! We made these DIY concrete pumpkins from silicone molds and a really cool, crafty concrete mixture!

I think they’re adorable and have such a modern vibe to them too. They’re also super versatile and would look gorgeous on a table setting for Thanksgiving or add them to a spooky Halloween party.

Perfect to set on a mantle for some charming fall decor too! After the season is over, pack them up and use them again next year!

4 pumpkin decorations on a table - pumpkin pail

How To Make Concrete Pumpkin Decorations

1 — For these concrete pumpkins, you’ll need to get two small silicone pumpkin molds and three medium pumpkin candle molds. We used 4 oz and 5.5 oz pumpkin molds from Van Yulay.

2 — Buy a few molds so you can make pumpkins at a time.

3 — Follow the directions on the back of ShapeCrete to create a plaster consistency. It’s a 3-to-1 ratio of ShapeCrete and water. Just ensure it’s not too watery. Otherwise, it doesn’t set well.

4 — Wearing gloves, mix really well in a bucket, then just pour into your molds. Let it sit for 1 to 2 days, and then gently pull them from your mold.

5 — You can paint and decorate the pumpkins as you please. I liked leaving them just as is!

Options for Pumpkin Molds

We ordered the molds from Van Yulay. Here are more options as well.

Pumpkin Tarts

8 oz Pumpkin Mold

4 oz Pumpkin Molds

Wilted Pumpkin Molds

Little Jack-O-lantern Molds

Silicone Pumpkin Molds – Various sizes

Pumpkin Votives

Crafting Concrete For These Pumpkin Decorations

We used ShapeCrete, which worked wonderfully and was incredibly easy! It’s a really fun product to play around with, and the projects you can do are endless!

A few years ago, we actually bought different products to create our ShapeCrete type of mixture, which was way more work! So this was really great to test out and WAY easier.

close up of pumpkin decorations on a table - how many pumpkins, pumpkin pail, utility knife

What Kind of Paint Can Be Used On These Concrete Pumpkins?

Use either acrylic enamel or epoxy paint on concrete statues. Though you can use acrylic enamel on both interior and exterior statues, epoxy is only suited for interior statues.

Don’t apply epoxy paint to exterior concrete statures, or sunlight will cause the finish to fade.

2 pumpkin decorations - pumpkin shape

How To Paint Concrete Pumpkin Decorations

1 — If you do want to paint your pumpkins. Apply a base coat to the entire statue, using either a brush or a sprayer.

2 — Use either a latex exterior paint or paint formulated especially for painting concrete in a color that is appropriate for the topcoat color you will be using.

3 — If your sculptures are painted, use a stiff nylon brush with hot, soapy water.

concrete mix in a bowl - hot glue, dry mix, dollar store, cooking spray, air bubbles, small batches, panty hose, super cute

Tips For These Concrete Pumpkin Decorations

Work outside. This stuff creates a ton of fine dust that almost burns. A mask is recommended.

Use a disposable drop cloth.

Wear gloves.

concrete mix in a bowl being stirred - cement pumpkin, super excited, too little water, add water, super easy, great thing

Eye protection is also advised. When you are stirring this mixture up, you don’t want it to go flying in your eye.

Work on a level surface.

concrete molds - diy concrete pumpkins, plastic pumpkin trick. cement pumpkin

Wrapping Up…

So if you’re looking for a fun and easy DIY project to give your home some charming fall decor, look no further than these concrete pumpkins! They’re simple to make with just a few materials, and the result is so adorable. 

1 pumpkin decoration - diy concrete pumpkins, cement pumpkin

I think they would also be perfect as a Thanksgiving table centerpiece or even part of your Halloween decorations. Give them a try – I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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the finished project- diy concrete pumpkins, cement pumpkin

If you have tried this concrete pumpkin decoration project, please comment and let us know how it turned out!

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  1. That is a great tip especially to those new to the blogosphere. Brief but very accurate information… Thank you for sharing this one. A must read post!

      • Eden, Thanks for answering. I thought the site had a lot of unique and cool molds. I spent a long time looking at them yesterday. Since you ordered both candle and food safe molds I am wondering if you see any difference in them, such as thickness or sturdiness? So I assume you shouldn’t used molds with cement that you would use for food later.

      • Hi Pat! I actually didn’t see any difference in the molds! They felt the same to me… I guess just going based off the way they’re made with food safe materials. I won’t use the ones I used cement in for food, but I would make candles and stuff out of them!!

  2. Your link to silicon molds may be wrong. It took me to a skin care site that did sau silicon molds but when clicked said this page not there.

    • Hi Debra! That is where I got them… super random right?! But I honestly searched for hours because most of the molds ship from china and I didn’t want to wait and had a bad experience last time I ordered molds overseas!! This shop was really great and shipped super fast. The two links above link to the pumpkin molds…. you can search the site for other molds too. I hope that helps!!


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