Halloween Party Trick or Treat Bar!

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Halloween is one of the best days of the year to host a party! We love unique Halloween party ideas that you can put together for a hilariously spooky night. We created a trick or treat bar with actual Halloween tricks AND treats! Your guests will be cracking up all night long!

Halloween Party set-up with tricks and treats on a gold bar cart.

Halloween Trick or Treat Bar

Halloween is all about treats. From desserts to bags full of candy, but what about the tricks? The tricks can be even more fun than the treats and who doesn’t love playing a little trick on or adult friends. It’s a great adult Halloween party idea and also fun for teens!

Halloween party bar cart filled with tricks and treats like cupcakes, mummy rice krispies treats, skulls, bats and flowers.
Halloween party bar with fake peanuts, chocolate puddings, flowers and a skeleton

For this Halloween party theme, we chose a trick or treat party. This set-up is so easy and can be done in a smaller space too! It brings out the kid in all of us.

Bowl of magic ink, fake peanuts and wild cherry trick gum.

How to Host a Trick or Treat Halloween Party

Halloween Tricks

Fil the bar with fun Halloween tricks that bring nostalgia to guests, especially adults! Examples are little the finger traps, onion candies, lollipops that make your mouth blue, magic ink, cans of fake peanuts, crab flavored candy, animal sounds. All of those classic tricks we loved as kids.

Onion candy in package

The classic gum trick is too fun! When you pull on the wild cherry gum, it snaps your finger! Also, the onion candy is such a good trick!

Halloween party tricks in a black cauldron.
Fancy salted mixed nuts
Opening a can of fake peanuts for a Halloween party

Halloween Food Tricks

Food tricks are fun to add to the trick or treat bar too. Make Brussel sprout truffles (literally a brussel sprout dipped in chocolate), onion caramel apples or add sprinkle eyeballs to apples. Here are more hilarious food pranks to add to your trick or treat bar!

Adding eyes on apples for a Halloween trick or treat party.

This is a cute and simple trick – add little sprinkle eyes to apples or other fruit!

Mummy rice krispies treats on a cake stand.

Halloween Treats

Since it’s a trick or treat bar make sure you add real halloween treats to the bar! It can’t all be tricks. Here are some Halloween dessert ideas to make that are easy and delicious!

RIP dirt cups with gold shovel spoon.
Halloween party bar with tricks and treats

Halloween Party Decorations

I have a pretty standard list of Halloween party decorations that I use year after year. Grandin Road has awesome Halloween decorations you can order online. Also, shop local thrift stores for affordable Halloween decorations! Even Dollar Stores have some great options!

  • Plastic skulls
  • Felt Bats (A favorite!!)
  • Spider webs
  • Pumpkins
  • Cauldron
  • Wreaths
Halloween wreath and decorations on a bar cart for a Halloween party

This wreath from Grandin Road adds instant Halloween decor. You can also use it for your front door weeks leading up to Halloween!

Spooky Halloween wreath from Grandin Road
Orange flowers on a trick or treat bar.

Flowers are also a great way to decorated a Halloween bar. If you have it in the budget, hire a local florist create something gorgeous for you. However, you can also make your arrangement with flowers, sicks and greenery!

Gorgeous Halloween bar with flowers, skeletons and cauldrons.

Traditional Halloween Games

You can also play some other classic Halloween games like bobbing for apples and check out these 15 super amazing Halloween party ideas! Aslo, this party is filled with charming and vintage Halloween ideas.

Party decorations, large cauldron with apples, bats, cupcakes and tricks.

Party Tip – Place large letters out that tell guests this is a trick or treat bar. You can pick these up at craft stores.

Small cauldron filled with tricks

We had so much fun with this party! Beware, your guests might not attend your next event, but at least you had fun!! Haha! If you put together a Halloween trick or treat bar, let us know in the comments below.

Also, tag your photos @sugarandcharm so we can see them! We love seeing what you all do and how you’re inspired by Sugar and Charm!

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