15 Super Amazing and Fun Halloween Party Ideas

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Whether you’re planning to be a spooky ghost, a mysterious witch, or a character from your favorite cartoon or movie, Halloween is the best time of year to celebrate your adventurous side. This season, you can host an amazing party that everyone will remember, and you can do it all without breaking the bank. Check out these 15 super amazing and fun Halloween party ideas.

halloween dessert platter

1. Create a Halloween Candy Tray

Take your party to the next level by making a spooky Halloween candy tray! If you need an easy dessert this is perfect for a party. Grab your favorite spooky treats and create an epic candy platter for guests to nibble!

candy corn vodka shots

2. Candy Corn Vodka Shots

Candy corn is a Halloween staple and we’ve infused vodka with it to create candy corn vodka! See how we made these fancy shots here. They’re perfect for a party.

Black plates and a book for a spooky Halloween party ideas
Image via Country Living

3. Make Your Own Custom Menus

If you’re planning to serve a variety of goodies at your party, make your own menu using an online program at home. Pick out a few cool templates and then fill them in with your menu items.

Print the menus on colorful paper or use colored text on white. When you print from home, you can do almost anything you want including place holders and spooky signs. See how many fun ideas you can come up with, and then print to your heart’s content.

A Halloween party ideas set-up with hay stacks, tin buckets, pumpkins and string lights.

4. Repurpose Those Christmas Lights

Lighting can do wonders for your Halloween party, and you don’t have to go out and buy anything special. Instead, take some of your white Christmas string lights and dress them up in spooky style.

Cut out shapes like cat heads, pumpkins, and ghosts from construction paper. and use a hole punch for the eyes where the lights will go. Place the shapes over each individual light and hang them up for a fun take on classic string lights. This project is super-simple, and the kids will love doing it, too!

trick or treat bar Halloween party idea

5. Trick or Treat Bar

Welcome your party guests with a few fun treats and TRICKS! This festive Halloween party idea will not only satisfy your guests sweet tooth, but also scare them! Filled with both treats and a few fun tricks like sour candy and magic peanuts!

Spooky Halloween living room with sheets over the chairs, birds and bats and a lit fireplace.
Via Pottery Barn

6. Give Your Chairs a Ghostly Makeover

When it comes to charming Halloween party ideas, this one is eerily simple. Take some old white sheets (or large white beach towels) and use them as a ghostly chair cover.

Use black felt and cut out the eyes and mouth for each ghost. Take a glue gun and apply the facial features to each one. Now you have an adorable and memorable chair slipcover that will create a super-spooky look for your table.

Stack of colored tin cans with holes that make faces.
Via Martha Stewart

7. Handmade Lanterns

If you have a lot of old metal coffee cans or other tins lying around, spruce them up by making a handmade Halloween lantern. First, draw out a design on each one in your desired shape.

Once your shapes are drawn, use a sharp tool and poke small holes around the border of each design. Paint the tins in colors of orange or black, and place a small tealight or votive candle inside for a fabulous flickering lantern. Use tins of various sizes and in different designs and place them around your home for a spooky touch of light.

Halloween costumes and capes

8. Costume Contests are Always a Hit

When you plan your party, let your guests know there will be a costume contest. This not only adds to the fun but it also ensures that almost everyone comes dressed in their spooky best.

You can pick a few people to “judge” the contest later in the night. Select one to three winners, and give them a fun prize. Your prize doesn’t have to be anything extravagant; a bag of candy or a homemade trophy will make their night!

Halloween meat and cheese board perfect for Halloween entertaining.

9. Halloween Cheese and Charcuterie Platter

The best Halloween party idea for food is a cheese platter! They are simple to make and everyone enjoys them. Create a festive Halloween charcuterie and cheese board filled with charming ideas too!

Black bottles with special labels for Halloween
Image via HGTV

10. Dress up Your Drinks With Bewitching Labels

If you’re planning to serve cocktails at your Halloween party, dress up bottles and decanters with creepy labels. You can find templates of labels online, then print them out and either tape them onto the bottle or use printable sticky labels.

Make each bottle different and look for wording like “witch’s brew” or “poison.” Put the bottles altogether in one location and spruce up the bar area with some orange and black straws. These labels add a ton of fun to the Halloween theme, and they’re inexpensive to make right at home.

Pumpkin turned into a vase with flowers.
Image via A Pumpkin and a Princess

11. Turn Pumpkins Into Vases

Pumpkins are a classic Halloween icon, and they’re also quite versatile when it comes to creating your very own handmade decor. We’re all about chambering Halloween party ideas, so hollow out a few small to medium-sized pumpkins to transform them into adorable vases.

You can also use Faux pumpkins like A Pumpkin and a Princess did! See the tutorial here!

You can leave the pumpkins as they are or paint them in a few fun fall colors. Fill them with autumn flowers like bunches of mums to give your home a lively look. Use mason jars filled with water and insert them into the pumpkins to help your flowers stay fresh.

Red apple with a candle in the center for Halloween party idea
Image Via Domestically Blissful

12. Add Apple Candle Holders to the Mix

If you don’t want to spend extra money on Halloween-style candle holders, use apples instead. Take a few red apples, and hollow out the top so it’s shallow enough to hold a tealight candle.

Domestically Blissful has a wonderful tutorial on how to make these apple candle holders!

This decor idea is a fun and fabulous choice for fall decor and Halloween alike. And, this uniquely inexpensive candle holder is also wonderful for Thanksgiving time, too. Battery-powered tealights are recommended so the candle doesn’t drip wax and you won’t need to worry about a fire if the apple tips over.

Halloween party idea to host a Halloween movie night.

13. Halloween Movie Night and Scavenger Hunt

Host a fun Halloween movie night and watch some of our favorite Halloween movies! Can’t go wrong with popcorn, candy and a spooky movie!

Another idea is to get your guests engaged with a fun scavenger hunt that’s really easy to do. Come up with some fun clues and use words that incorporate Halloween into the scavenger hunt theme.

Divvy up your guests into teams and give each team a printed copy of their instructions. Hide an assortment of objects throughout your home or backyard, and let the games begin! You can give the winning team a fun prize at the end or just let them have the first slice of cake.

halloween party idea blue cocktail with dry ice

14. Serve Drinks in Spooky Bottles

It’s easy to make your own Halloween-style bottles for your party. First, use several small clear glass milk jugs, regular glasses, or mason jars that match if possible.

Take some black contact paper and cut out shapes of faces like cats, pumpkins, and monsters. Apply the paper facial features to the front of each glass for a fun look your guests will love. Fill the glasses with an orange or green-colored punch to take the party up a notch.

Halloween candy corn treat bags with a cute printable tag for a Halloween party idea
Photo by David Hillegas for Country Living

15. Goodie Bags on the Cheap

It’s always fun to give your guests some parting gifts, and you can do it without shelling out a ton of cash. Take small, simple treat bags and decorate them with markers or glitter.

You can also find treat bags at most dollar stores with a Halloween them already printed on them. Fill each bag with small candies and tie them up with a colorful ribbon. At the end of the night, give each guest their bag as a fun memento of a successful Halloween party.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do at a Halloween party?

Check out our 15 Halloween party ideas to inspire your party! If you still need more ideas here is a list to help!
Bobbing for Apples
Pin the Spider on the Web
Mummy Wrap Contest
Costume Contest
Pumpkin Carving

How do you throw a fun Halloween party?

It’s all about good food, drinks and charming party ideas! Have a spooky playlist in the back and stage your house for the awesome Halloween party.

How do you throw an inexpensive Halloween party?

Don’t serve dinner, keep it easy with desserts and appetizers. Shop at local thrift stores and the Dollar Store for Halloween supplies. Have guests bring a dessert or an appetizer to help with costs. Check out our Halloween bar on a budget to help with ideas.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to have a blast at your next Halloween party. Use these creative Halloween party ideas to get inspired, and be sure to put your own personal stamp on each one.

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