Tips For Creating the Perfect Thanksgiving Kids’ Table


KidsThanksgivingTableTips_1KidsThanksgivingTableTips_8KidsThanksgivingTableTips_6KidsThanksgivingTableTips_5KidsThanksgivingTableTips_7KidsThanksgivingTableTips_4KidsThanksgivingTableTips_9KidsThanksgivingTableTips_11KidsThanksgivingTableTips_13KidsThanksgivingTableTips_14 KidsThanksgivingTableTips_10KidsThanksgivingTableTips_16KidsThanksgivingTableTips_12 KidsThankgivingTableTips_15KidsThanksgivingTableTips_2KidsThanksgivingTableTips_3 I can literally remember my mother pulling out an extra table for the kids for Thanksgiving dinner. We loved being able to sit with our cousins, laugh, play and eat while the adults enjoyed themselves. Flash forward many years and now I’m the one creating the kids’ table and to me it’s just as important as setting the main table! Below are my tips for creating the perfect, festive and easy Thanksgiving kids’ table to keep the kiddos happy, busy and having lots of fun!

1. Don’t worry about rentals, use a coffee table and toss some comfortable pillows on the floor. Kids actually love sitting on the floor as much as a small stuffy chair! It’s fun and creates a cozy atmosphere.

2. For easy cleanup (they can even do it themselves!), use disposable bamboo dinnerware. It’s sturdy and looks chic.

3. No spills! Try plastic cups with lids and fun straws like these birchwood ones. Also, great for easy cleanup.

4. Set the mood and atmosphere with electronic flameless candles.

5. For simple and cheap decor, pick berries, fall leaves and pine cones on a nature walk. Incorporate them onto the table and you can even involve the kids when choosing leaves and sticks.

6. To make super easy name cards use letter stickers on flattened leaves to spell out names.

7. Have at least 3 activities for the kids to do after (or while) they’re eating.

8. These printable activity sheets from Better Homes and Gardens are excellent placemats. I downloaded the 11×17 file and had it printed at Staples. Perfect table activity for kids!

9. DIY bracelets and necklaces are a fun activity to keep kids busy! Have the elastic already cut with one end tied and all of the beads in individual bags for each child.

10. Craft stores are fully stocked with holiday crafts. Pick up little craft kits for the kids to do that don’t require cutting or gluing.

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5 responses to Tips For Creating the Perfect Thanksgiving Kids’ Table

  1. Rae
    November 4, 2014

    These are all really great tips! I especially love the printable thanksgiving activities for kids. Genius!

    rae of love from berlin

    1. Eden
      November 5, 2014

      Thanks you Rae so much!! I loved those printable place mats when I saw them too! Thanks for the sweet comment 🙂

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