5 Tips for Beautiful Thanksgiving Table Decor

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5 ways to create a beautiful Thanksgiving table decor! From linens to glasses and how to set a formal table.

With November upon us, I wanted to share my 5 tips for a beautiful Thanksgiving table decor. Twice a year I like to do a little more of an elaborate table escape and, of course, it’s for the two biggest food holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas!! This is when the linens, nice dinnerware and more glasses than you can drink from come out and we set a beautiful table to make the holiday extra special. So try out these 5 steps below and you’ll be on your way to one charming table!

side shot of  thanksgiving table decor

5 Key Areas For Beautiful Thanksgiving Table Decor

  • Linen
  • Materials and colors
  • Table runners
  • Flowers
  • Formal Touches
  • Bonus: Dessert Inspiration!
top down shot of plate with pumpkins
close up of linen napkin

Tip 1: Linens For Your Thanksgiving Table Decor

We are all about the small charming details when creating a table escape and linen is one of my all time favorite materials to use for dinner parties.

If you want some further napkin inspiration, then have a look at how Martha Stewart folds table napkins here!

overhead shot of plates, part of the  thanksgiving table decor

Tip 2: Choose Materials and Colors for your Thanksgiving Table Decor

This year for my Thanksgiving table decor I was inspired by marble, concrete and then shades of pink and orange. I love being able to use natural linens and then add pops of color with flowers, glasses and spray-painted pumpkins.

When deciding what scheme to go for, a useful guide comes from the interior design world. Here are the seven key things to consider (you don’t have to use them all)

  • Space. Space is one of the most important elements of interior design, look what space you have and plan your thanksgiving table decor accordingly. If yo have a smaller space, make sure you aren’t too busy with lots of items, or use decor that’s too small for a wider space
  • Line. Lines give birth to forms and shapes and are responsible for establishing a sense of harmony, contrast and unity.
  • Forms. Forms mean shapes in general, an outline of any three dimensional object in the space.
  • Forms can be created by combining two or more shapes and can be accentuated with the help of other elements like texture, patterns and colors. A well-defined form establishes harmony and additional forms add balance to the space. 
  • Light. Light is one of the most obvious elements of interior design. Either natural or man-made, without light other elements namely color, texture and pattern have no significance at all. Light sets in the mood and ambiance into a living space and highlights every other element including space, line, and forms.
shot of  thanksgiving table decor elements laid out on the table
  • Color. Each color has three distinct characteristics namely Hue, Value and Intensity, and an interior designer must be well aware of these characteristics to perform various permutations and combinations. 
  • Texture. Texture mainly deals with surfaces and determines how a typical surface looks and feels. Texture adds depth and interest into a living space and defines the feel/appearance and consistency of a surface.
shot of  thanksgiving table decor with plates and cutlery
  • Pattern. Patterns add interest and life to interior design and work along with colors. Patterns tell a story of their own and add the elements of continuity and smooth transition in a living space. Patterns could be of any shape and mostly comprise of attractive and repetitive designs. 

Tip 3: Use a Table Runner

Add in a charming linen table runner to tie everything together. A chic table runner can make such a difference to the overall look. I can’t recommend it enough! It’s the perfect base for your thanksgiving table decor.

shot of thanksgiving decoration of wrapped wheat, on a wall

Keep these runners at one-fourth the width of the table. When deciding on the table runner length, use the same drop guideline as a lengthwise runner, allowing 6 inches on each side of the table, with or without a tablecloth. 

Runners placed widthwise should align with each table setting, serving as a place mat for two.

close up of flowers

Tip 4: Using Flowers for your Thanksgiving Table Decor

If there’s any dinner party you should splurge on the flowers, it’s Thanksgiving! Order a pretty arrangement or try to make one yourself. Make sure it’s a low one so people can converse over the table.

Thanksgiving is traditionally celebrated with Autumn Flowers, such as Anemone, Baby’s Breath, Carnations, Chrysanthemums, Cosmos, Freesia, Gerbera Daisies, Gladiolii, Statice, and Zinnia, highlighting the center of the table.

shot of flowers and a plate setting on the table

Tip 5: Add a Formal Touch to your Thanksgiving Table Decor

For holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, it’s nice to add a little formal touch to make this thanksgiving table decor different from regular dinner parties.

To do this, set out extra glassware, like water, wine and cocktail glasses (at least 3 glasses for a luxurious look) and then set out a full setting of silverware, including a bread plate. You can see our modern table setting guide here.

shot of apple slice being dipped into caramel sauce
overhead shot of diy dessert bar

Bonus Tip: Dessert Idea For Thanksgiving

Lastly, this isn’t really part of the thanksgiving table decor, but just sweet dessert inspiration, because it’s dessert, hello! For an easy entertaining idea, I created a simple caramel apple station that you can serve at the table!

This is so easy and so much fun to make! Slice apples, add lemon juice to them so they won’t brown, then add caramel and other toppings to them.

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If you have tried these Thanksgiving Table Decor tips, let me know how it turned out in the comments below! You can also FOLLOW ME on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM and PINTEREST to see more delicious recipes and party ideas!

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