The Ultimate Guide for an Easy Thanksgiving Dinner!

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The ultimate guide for an easy Thanksgiving dinner and table decor! Sharing easy recipes and the best way to cook a turkey!

Thanksgiving table setting with a turkey, flowers, wine, wine, stuffing, cranberry sauce.

If you’re cooking your first Thanksgiving meal, fear not! This guide is perfect for beginners and experienced cooks! The recipes are simple to make but very flavorful.

Thanksgiving table setting with flowers, white wine, white plates and napkins.

Thanksgiving Menu

We’ve pulled together a guide to easy Thanksgiving recipes that not only taste amazing but are simple to make. It doesn’t need to be complicated for a meal you cook once a year. Stick with the classics and add one or two new dishes.

Fall flower arrangement.

Of course, it all starts with a turkey. Follow our step by step guide to cooking a turkey.

Roasted turkey on a white platter.

Tips for Organizing Thanksgiving Dinner

  • Once you have your menu down, create a grocery shopping list. Try to purchase everything at least a week before Thanksgiving. This is so you’re not running around last minute or racing someone down the aisles of the grocery store for the last bag of fresh cranberries!
  • Make everything you can days before. You’d be surprised at how much you can prep and cook a few days before!
  • Also, don’t forget to dry brine the turkey a few days before!
  • Always set the table the night before. Set every detail from flowers, plates, flatware. You will LOVE having this checked off your list.

Thanksgiving Appetizer

Thanksgiving appetizer platter.

Thanksgiving Cheese and Charcuterie Platter

Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Wouldn’t be a feast without the side dishes! These are classic, easy recipes that will be a hit!

Creamy Brussels Sprouts

Creamy Garlic Sauteed Brussels Sprouts

Easy Homemade Stuffing

The Best Oyster Stuffing Recipe

Homemade Cranberry Sauce with a Brass Spoon.

How to Make Cranberry Sauce

Sweet Potatoe Casserole with Marshmallow Fluff

Cornbread muffins in a basket.

Easy Cornbread Muffins

Crispy Mashed Potatoes

Thanksgiving Desserts

Not surprisingly, the desserts are my favorite part of Thanksgiving! Make a designated dessert table to place all of the pies and pretty pumpkin desserts on!

The Best Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Pumpkin Pie Milkshakes with Bourbon

The Best Egg Custard Pie

Pumpkin Panna Cotta

Pecan Pumpkin Pie

Thanksgiving table setting with thankful napkins, gold silverware and rope.


Always start the celebration off with a fun cocktail punch! For dinner we always serve wine. Furthermore, you can find some great tips for serving wine here!

Add one of these DIY ice rings in the punch for a charming detail!

Apple Pie Sangria

Hard Apple Cider Punch with Kombucha

Easy Apple and Ginger Wine Spritzer

Apple Crisp Cocktail

Lavender and Apple Cocktail

Thanksgiving Table Setting

If you’re going to set a proper table, do it for Thanksgiving! For a holiday centered around food, giving thanks and gathering around a table it’s the best time to show your table setting skills!

Thanksgiving table decor and table setting. White napkins, white plates, flowers, gold flatware and wine glasses.

First, follow our guide to learn how to set a table. Then it’s all about the decor.

Small gold turkey card holder.

We took a hike behind our house and found dried botanicals to add to the napkin. It gives the table setting a little texture.

Linen napkin with "thankful" written on it tied with a rope.

Small touches like embroidered napkins add a lot of charm to a table setting.

Also, see our 5 tips for Beautiful Thanksgiving Table Decor

Thanksgiving Table Decor

Name Cards

Adding a name card into a gold turkey holder

Print out names on solid white paper and cut them into smaller rectangles. We found the small golden turkeys at Pottery Barn and couldn’t resist their cuteness for holding name cards!

Place cards in gold turkey


It’s all about fall flowers for Thanksgiving! Our florist used neutral colors, fall leaves, roses, and cotton to create flower arrangements that lined the center of the table.

Fall flower arrangement for Thanksgiving.

What is a basic Thanksgiving dinner menu?

This is a traditional Thanksgiving menu:

  • Roasted Turkey
  • Gravy
  • Potatoes
  • Yams or Butternut Squash
  • Cranberry Sauce
  • Stuffing
  • Green Beans
  • Bread Rolls

Stuffing and mashed potatoes are the most popular side dishes for a Thanksgiving feast!

Fall flowers for Thanksgiving

Let us know if you make any of these recipes! Please leave a comment below and tag us @sugarandcharm on social! Happy Thanksgiving!

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