DIY Valentine’s Day Embroidery Wine Bags


We simply love an elegant Valentine’s Day DIY! And to be honest, a delicious bottle of wine is just as good! So we put them together and made charming DIY Valentine’s Day embroidery wine bags with embroidered hearts and a Valen-Wine’s Day printable tag! It’s the perfect way to dress up a bottle of rosé and makes a sweet gift for your single or non-single friends! The DIY uses a basic embroidery stem stitch and these pre-made linen wine bags. So put on your favorite Netflix show, pour a glass of wine and start stitching!

DIY Valentine’s Day Embroidery Wine Bags

Linen wine bags
Embroidery hoop
Embroidery floss and needles
Basic sewing supplies


1. Attach the embroidery hoop where you want the heart to be stitched.
2. Using a ballpoint pen, trace the heart size and shape that you desire directly onto the linen.
3. Begin the stem stitch at the end of the point of the heart. Make one stitch, about the length of a rice grain, then bring the needle up at the center of this stitch, but just off to the side.
4. Bring the floss through the fabric and move forward with the stitch.
Repeat this process to complete the line, taking one stitch forward and coming up at the center and just off to the side of the previous stitch line.
5. Once you complete this, continue through the entire outline of the heart.
6. Tie a knot on the inside of the wine bag and begin a new heart. Keep stitching, be creative and enjoy!

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3 responses to DIY Valentine’s Day Embroidery Wine Bags

  1. Obsessed with these! So darling!

    Xx Taylor

  2. September 13, 2017

    How charming! These could be adapted to any holiday, and would make great hostess gifts — Easter, Wedding, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.

    1. Eden
      September 17, 2017

      Thank you Peggy!!

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