I’m Donuts Over You Valentine’s Day Printable!

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We’re going donuts over these Donut Valentine’s Day printables! Print our charming labels and give the gift of donuts to your friends and coworkers this Valentine’s Day!

Small white boxes filled with donuts with a charming I'm Donut Valentine's Day printable.

We thought it would be fun to pass out colorful and delicious donuts in a box for Valentine’s this year instead of cookies or candy. We’ve got the sweetest I’m Donuts Over You Valentine’s Day printable tags to go with them! There are a few ways you can use these…

Donut Valentine’s Day Printable

1. Print the number of sheets you need on sticker paper and cut them out (I usually take mine to an office supply store and have them printed)

2. Print them on card stock, punch a small hole in the corner and then tie around the box with twine.

These are the boxes we used. You can buy the boxes at most craft supply stores. A Chinese take out box would be cute or individual cellophane bags too.

We chose to make them into charming stickers and I love how they look.

Donut Valentine's Day Printable graphic.

Click here to download our printable labels!


Sharing a few more of our favorite Valentine’s Day crafts! These are all fun projects and gifts you can make and give on Valentine’s Day.

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Valentine’s Day Embroidery Heart Wine Bags

If you make these, please share your photos with us on social by tagging @sugarandcharm! We love to see what you make!

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    • Hi Lexi! A company was using the photo and then it was sending people to a scam site. So for some reason Pinterest took the entire pic down! So now, we’re trying to figure out how to get it back. Ugh! What a mess!! Thanks for telling me 🙂

  1. I would like to use your doughnut printable but in an 8 1/2 x 11 size to put on top of a box of a dozen doughnuts. Can I just enlarge the ones you posted, or if not, would you be able to send me one in the larger size? Thanks so much!! My husband is an orthodontist, and I would like to use your printable to take a box of Valentine doughnuts to each of his referring dentists in town. Fun!

  2. I want to order boxes for donuts-I’m going to do popums instead of whole donuts-any idea what they’re called so I can attempt to order on Amazon? And also a measurement?


    I am obsessed with this!

  3. I am going out of town for Valentines Day but I WILL be leaving these for Grandma to send to school with the kids. My kids are donut freaks!
    Can you tell me the dimensions of the box you used?

  4. These are adorable! If I hadn’t already bought curly straws to use this year, I would do this. I’m definitely saving the idea for next year.


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