Money Balloons

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We make it so easy for people when we just hand them gift money in a card… Don’t you think they should work for it a little more? The answer is Money Balloons!! The enjoyment of trapping money inside a balloon full of confetti will never get old. 

It’s fun to watch the recipient get spooked by a popping balloon, covered in confetti and of course count the money inside! I did this for my mother on her 60th birthday and for our niece’s high school graduation this past week! 

It definitely tops handing someone a card with cash inside… although that’s not too bad either. This is just a little more exciting! Read my tips below on creating a confetti money balloon!

How to Make Money Balloons


  • 16″ Clear Balloons
  • Helium Tank
  • Light Confetti
  • Money
  • Funnel


Loosely roll the bills and put 3-4 bills inside the clear balloon.

Using a funnel, add in the confetti to the balloon.

Fill the balloon with helium, make sure to fill it to the max so it will still fly in the air with the money. The money can be heavy and weigh it down.

Tie the balloons and add a string. Enjoy watching someone pop the balloon open!

Money inside balloons with confetti.

Tips for Making Money Balloons

When I did this for my mom, I took clear balloons to a regular grocery store and they were hesitant to blow them up. I guess they weren’t used to money-in-a-balloon request! 

They finally agreed to do it, but didn’t add enough helium. The balloons were too thin and small, so when the money really weighed them down.

I learned next time to have them done at an actual balloon shop, which is what I did for our niece. I used 16-inch clear balloons, which seemed to work much better. 

Only put about 5-6 rolled-up bills in each 16-inch balloon with a handful of confetti. Also, they’ll become weighed down if you wait too long to give them away. Try to have them done just a few hours or less before so they are nice and inflated, rather than deflated!

If you have to wait, put fewer bills in each balloon. Hand them off and watch the fun happen.

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35 thoughts on “Money Balloons”

  1. I live in NC & was thinking about sending these balloons in the mail to my nephew in NY. Only worry is I don’t want them to deflate before he gets them. Help!

  2. Loved you idea & will try this with my granddaughters!! I have 4 girls and 1 boy which I refer to as my Lovebugs! 5 Grandchildren keep me busy trying to keep up with new ideas so this is a big help!! Thanks so much!


  3. If you inflate the latex balloon with air, and then let it deflate, you’ll find the empty balloon is now larger. Simply wrap the bill around a pencil and insert it into the neck of the balloon. Its very simple. (And by the way…when you finally do inflate the balloon with helium, there will be noise created by the bill flapping around the interior of the balloon. Don’t panic! That’s normal.)

  4. I want to try this. I think a funnel would work great to put the stuff in the balloons…then take to the store for hellium. Thx!

  5. Wow, what a great idea. Thank you so much. I was looking for something different to do for my grandson’s high school graduation gift. Money in a card is so, well expected, but money in a balloon is so fun. Thank you Thank you and Thank you. 🙂

      • I did find semi clear baloons at ” Party City ” , but limit the things you put in the baloon as it weighs it down . The baloon was a great surprise for my granddaughter but by morning was on the ground . 🙁

      • Any good party store will carry clear latex balloons. Try one of your locally-owned places. Most of the time, those folks will offer a better array of balloons that does Party City. And for the longest float time, ask for Qualatex brand. Its the best on the market.

  6. my niece would have LOVED this! we just gave her a card with money….now i feel so lame!! haha I am going to remember this though. So cute!!!


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