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10 Ways to Help Your Kids Save for College


We are continuing our college savings series with ScholarShare 529 and sharing 10 ways to save for college and how to involve your children! I wrote a post all about how we save for our boys’ college here, so I’m excited to share our second installment, 10 Ways to Help Your Kids Save for College! As a parent it’s my job to open a college savings account, set-up automatic transfers and manager their savings. It’s also my job to involve and teach them how to save and give them confidence and security they need in themselves and their future. Now that Romeo is almost six, he is fully capable of understanding the importance of saving for his education. From allowance, to his money jar and birthday money, he’s able to take some of that money and put it in his college account. Even though his contribution is small, the bigger payoff is the confidence he is building in his future and the didactic lesson he’s learning about college and savings. See below for 10 ways to save and have your kids involved! Number one being the most important for parents!

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