Money Balloons

We make it so easy for people when we just hand them gift money in a card… Don’t you think they should work for it a little more? The answer is Money Balloons!! The enjoyment of trapping money inside a balloon full of confetti will never get old. It’s fun to watch the recipient get spooked by a popping balloon, covered in confetti and of course count the money inside! I did this for my mother on her 60th birthday and for our niece’s high school graduation this past week! It definitely tops handing someone a card with cash inside… although that’s not too bad either ; ) This is just a little more exciting! Read my tips below on creating a confetti money balloon!


The money balloons video is now live!!
Click here to watch!

Tips for the Original Sugar and Charm Money Balloons…

When I did this for my mom, I took clear balloons to a regular grocery store and they were hesitant to blow them up. I guess they weren’t used to money-in-a-balloon request! They finally agreed to do it, but didn’t add enough helium. The balloons were too thin and small, so when the money really weighed them down. I learned next time to have them done at an actual balloon shop, which is what I did for our niece. I used 16-inch clear balloons, which seemed to work much better. I would suggest only putting about 5-6 rolled-up bills in each 16-inch balloon with a handful of confetti. Also, they’ll become weighted down if you wait too long to give them away. Try to have them done just a few hours or less before so they are nice and inflated, rather than deflated! If you have to wait, put less bills in each balloon. Hand them off and watch the fun happen : )
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44 responses to Money Balloons

  1. May 29, 2012

    Just found your blog and love it! Congrats on your new baby!

    1. November 29, 2012

      Thank you so much!!

  2. May 29, 2012

    lovely idea! your posts always make me so happy! Hope mama-life is going well 🙂

  3. May 29, 2012

    Such a fun idea! I will have to try that.


  4. Caitlin
    May 30, 2012

    Adorable idea Eden and you look gorgeous for just having the little one!!!

  5. May 30, 2012

    Amazing idea! I will have to do this next time. I wonder if I can stuff a baby shower gift in one of these…LOL.

  6. May 31, 2012

    my niece would have LOVED this! we just gave her a card with money….now i feel so lame!! haha I am going to remember this though. So cute!!!

  7. Such a festive alternative to the regular “money enclosure”!

  8. July 7, 2012

    This looks sooo much fun! I can’t wait to try this out!

  9. Anonymous
    July 15, 2012

    How did you get the money and confetti into the balloon. There must be a trick to make it easy.

    1. November 29, 2012

      I took it to a balloon shop and we loosely folded the money and then opened the balloon hole wide to put it in. The confetti goes in easily 😉

  10. This is a great and easy diy gift idea. Thanks for sharing.

  11. August 24, 2012

    Love this idea! Thanx for sharing.

  12. Anonymous
    October 13, 2012

    such a fantastic idea! love it will be doing it for a wedding gift

  13. October 24, 2012

    This is such a great idea!!! I am going to do this for my lil girls 4 year old birthday!!!

  14. December 18, 2012

    Did you make the confetti?

    1. January 31, 2013

      Hey Jessica! No I didn’t make it… they had it at the balloon shop, but it would be easy to make!

  15. Anonymous
    March 1, 2013

    Great idea,trying it today for my 14 yr old niece birthday party. Thanks

  16. April 29, 2013

    Great idea got to try this for a birthday!

  17. May 9, 2013

    Hi do you put air in the balloon first and then slide money and confetti up and then add add’l air or do you slide it all in balloon and then blow it up?

    1. Eden
      May 9, 2013

      Hi Rachel!! I will have a video on how to do this within the next few weeks!! You put money and confetti in before, then blow it up 🙂

  18. Debbie
    May 11, 2013

    Wow, what a great idea. Thank you so much. I was looking for something different to do for my grandson’s high school graduation gift. Money in a card is so, well expected, but money in a balloon is so fun. Thank you Thank you and Thank you. 🙂

    1. Tari
      May 25, 2013

      where did you find clear balloons ?

      1. Tari Madison
        May 31, 2013

        I did find semi clear baloons at ” Party City ” , but limit the things you put in the baloon as it weighs it down . The baloon was a great surprise for my granddaughter but by morning was on the ground . 🙁

      2. Michelle
        June 13, 2013

        Any good party store will carry clear latex balloons. Try one of your locally-owned places. Most of the time, those folks will offer a better array of balloons that does Party City. And for the longest float time, ask for Qualatex brand. Its the best on the market.

  19. Shelby Lewis
    May 31, 2013

    I want to try this. I think a funnel would work great to put the stuff in the balloons…then take to the store for hellium. Thx!

  20. Michelle
    June 13, 2013

    If you inflate the latex balloon with air, and then let it deflate, you’ll find the empty balloon is now larger. Simply wrap the bill around a pencil and insert it into the neck of the balloon. Its very simple. (And by the way…when you finally do inflate the balloon with helium, there will be noise created by the bill flapping around the interior of the balloon. Don’t panic! That’s normal.)

  21. June 16, 2013

    Loved you idea & will try this with my granddaughters!! I have 4 girls and 1 boy which I refer to as my Lovebugs! 5 Grandchildren keep me busy trying to keep up with new ideas so this is a big help!! Thanks so much!


  22. Hazel
    June 19, 2013

    I live in NC & was thinking about sending these balloons in the mail to my nephew in NY. Only worry is I don’t want them to deflate before he gets them. Help!

    1. Eden
      June 19, 2013

      Hi! These definitely will not keep in the mail. The only thing I can think of his calling a balloon store in his area and asking if they could make them for you and deliver them. I think that’s the only option!

  23. June 22, 2013

    Hi there would you mind stating which blog platform you’re working with? I’m planning to start
    my own blog soon but I’m having a difficult time making a decision between BlogEngine/Wordpress/B2evolution and Drupal. The reason I ask is because your design and style seems different then most blogs and I’m looking for something completely unique.
    P.S Sorry for getting off-topic but I had to ask!

    1. Eden
      June 23, 2013

      I just switched to WordPress from Blogger because we created a custom site, rather than using a blog template. You have more options with WordPress. I don’t know much about the other ones, but I’m happy with WordPress 🙂

  24. BlueRipple
    September 15, 2013

    Wonderful Idea!

  25. Toyea Knazze
    September 28, 2013

    I gave a gift years ago with money even a sweater for a man in it. The balloon shop no longer sells this item. Do you know who has this machine in Chicago
    (7730 729-4659

  26. Brenda Harrison
    November 6, 2013

    How do u get the confetti & money in the balloon?

    1. Eden
      November 6, 2013

      Hi Brenda, you can use a funnel. I did a video on it here too:

  27. January 19, 2014

    Wow! This is an AWESOME idea! I’d love to do this for my niece in a couple weeks… Thank you!

  28. January 26, 2014

    Final Flight

  29. January 26, 2014

    Thanks for sharing your idea….so clever!!! Going to try for 9ur granddaughter birthday.

    1. Eden
      January 26, 2014

      You’re so welcome!! She’s going to love it… just make sure you don’t inflate them too early!

  30. Jackie
    February 17, 2014

    I love this idea! I am definitely going to do this for our grandchildren! Thank you!

  31. April 10, 2014

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  32. October 28, 2018

    Lovely idea! Deff one of the best ways to make a cash surprize! I’ve done this with small messages inside instead of bills and it was cool too 🙂 You are such an inspiration! Thanks

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