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How to Make Charming Ice Shot Glasses!


Here’s another easy and fun entertaining idea for you all! Since our floral ice buckets were so popular, we thought it would be “cool” (pun intended!) to make a mini version of ice shot glasses!! I can’t stress enough how easy these are to make! They add such a charming touch when entertaining for even the smallest group!

Here’s how to make charming ice shot glasses! We used this mold (which also perfect for chocolates and candy too!) and first, filled it up halfway with water. Then, since it’s fall and we made an apple cider shot to go in it, we added in some festive food items around the mold. Things like cinnamon sticks, thinly sliced apples, some greens and pomegranates, which all created nice, warm colors. More is more with these so don’t be afraid to add a lot of fun garnishes to your frozen shot glass! After the garnishes are added, top off the mold with more water to complete your creation and wait 24 hours for it to freeze in the freezer.

For the delicious apple cider shot, in a cocktail shaker, we added 4 ounces of bourbon and 4 ounces of pressed apple cider, some cinnamon and a tablespoon of orange liqueur. These apple cider shots are strong, but so good!

For the glasses, these babies melt fast and are meant to be served up right away! I would suggest pulling your ice shots from the mold and setting them on a tray in the freezer hours before you even serve them. That way you can pull them out straight from the freezer, pour your shot in and serve right away! Cheers and stay charming!!

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5 responses to How to Make Charming Ice Shot Glasses!

  1. October 6, 2016

    These are perfect! Love the idea of turning the popular ice bucket into tiny shot glasses.

    1. Eden
      October 6, 2016

      Thank you Daria!! They turned out pretty cute and so much fun to use!!

  2. March 14, 2017

    These are absolutely fabulous! Thanks for a great recipe!

  3. December 18, 2018

    These ice shot glasses are gorgeous! I’m wondering what type of water you used. Tap? Filtered? We have hard water and my ice cubes never look pretty.

    1. Eden
      December 27, 2018

      Hi! We use tap water to make them.

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