Christmas Brunch Tradition!


christmasbrunch-sugarandcharm-2christmasbrunch-sugarandcharm-5christmasbrunch-sugarandcharm-4christmasbrunch-sugarandcharm-3christmasbrunch-sugarandcharm-1 One thing I enjoy about having my own little family are the new traditions we’ve started together. Of course carrying on traditions from our childhood are important too, but one thing that I’ve started doing with my family is a traditional Christmas brunch. To be honest, I don’t really remember having Christmas brunch as a kid. We would do a large Christmas eve celebration and Christmas day dinner, but I’m not even sure what we did Christmas morning aside from soaking up all of our new toys!

So I’ve made it a new tradition to set the table with my vintage China I found at an antique store, and serve up a beautiful Christmas morning brunch with a few make ahead recipes! I’ve narrowed it down to a menu that we all really enjoy and I make every year. I always whip up this frittata and it is to die for!! Probably the best frittata I’ve ever had and the best part is that you can prepare it the day before and cook it Christmas morning. I also make the most amazing yeast waffles and the batter is made the night before too. They’re thinner, like pancakes with a buttery taste and crispy edge! Heavenly! And I’ll do either bacon or sausage to go with it. If I do bacon, the easiest way for me is to bake it all in the oven on a sheet! It’s easy clean up and makes the perfect bacon. Brunch needs a little dessert treat after too! So, usually a few leftover Christmas cookies will do the trick! Hope you’re inspired to create your own charming Christmas brunch tradition and have a merry holiday!




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3 responses to Christmas Brunch Tradition!

  1. This is beautiful! I love starting new traditions. Love the florals!

    Xx Taylor

  2. December 7, 2016


    Creating new traditions is one of my favorite parts about starting our family as well. This year, we hosted a Christmas tea for my 2 year old daughter and her little friends. It was very sweet and something I am really looking forward to doing for years to come!

    Merry Christmas 🙂

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