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How to Host a Fall Charcuterie Party

September 12, 2016 | Entertaining | Comments

fall_charcuterie_party_le_petit_fromage_3fall_charcuterie_party_le_petit_fromage_8fall_charcuterie_party_le_petit_fromage_9fall_charcuterie_party_le_petit_fromage_1fall_charcuterie_party_le_petit_fromage_7fall_charcuterie_party_le_petit_fromage_11fall_charcuterie_party_le_petit_fromage_2fall_charcuterie_party_le_petit_fromage_12fall_charcuterie_party_le_petit_fromage_5fall_charcuterie_party_le_petit_fromage_10fall_charcuterie_party_le_petit_fromage_6fall_charcuterie_party_le_petit_fromage_4fall_charcuterie_party_le_petit_fromage_13Entertaining doesn’t have to be a multi-course, home-cooked or catered meal! We would never discount the hard work and flavors of a made-from-scratch meal, but sometimes busy lives call for effortless entertaining! A beautiful presentation, good company, wine (or cocktails!), engaging conversation and a cozy atmosphere are exactly what we look for when entertaining. Give me a few of these things and a giant board of charcuterie, cheese, olives and a little dessert, and I’ll be a VERY happily satisfied guest. But no skimping on the cheese!!

It’s so simple it is to host a fall charcuterie party like this! We teamed up with Alouette to give you a few tips on how to throw a charming dinner party without too much effort! Le Petite Fromage are little individually-wrapped cheeses that come in delicious flavors like Cucumber & Dill, Parmesan & Basil, Garden Salsa and Garlic & Herb. They’re super easy to spread on toasted crostini and of course, effortless to serve! You can add them to your charcuterie board or place setting.

Follow these steps below and you’ll be on your way to an effortless fall charcuterie party your guests will LOVE!

Since it’s the main meal at your party, you’ll need at least 5 ounces of meat per person and plenty of toasted bread, cheese, dips and olives to go with it.
Buy a nice mix of meats like dry-cured salami, decadent prosciutto and smoky sausage. Also, speck, coppa and sopressata are great choices too if you want to get a bit fancy on the palate.

Then, add in the cheese! Alouette’s Le Petite Fromage are fun to serve and provide delicious, premium flavor options. My favorite flavor is the Garlic & Herb because it’s the perfect flavor combination and I love garlic!!  It’s great to pair these with a variety of hard/aged and soft cheeses to give your guests a nice selection to choose from!

Serve some red wine and a delicious fall cocktail too. We love this yummy Apple Pie Sangria or popular Apple Cider Moscow Mule.

A low table (you can literally make one!) and lots of throw pillows always make for a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. Throw a few rugs down for extra comfort too.

Fresh flowers! The easiest and prettiest party decor!

Set the table to keep it a little more formal…. I like doing that because there’s nothing like a pretty table setting! Let the charcuterie and cheese be the center of the table!

Then just snack, drink and cheers away!

Thanks Alouette Le Petite Fromage for partnering with is to create this charming fall charcuterie party!


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