Charcuterie Party – How To Host A Fall Party

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Sometimes you don’t need a 10-course meal to put on a great night of delicious food and great chat! Read on for some great fall party ideas with an awesome cheese and charcuterie party platter!

Entertaining doesn’t have to be a multi-course, home-cooked, or catered meal! We would never discount the hard work and flavors of a made-from-scratch meal, but sometimes busy lives call for effortless entertaining!

A beautiful presentation, good company, wine (or cocktails!), engaging conversation, and a cozy atmosphere are exactly what we look for when entertaining.

Give me a few of these things and a giant board of charcuterie, cheese, olives, and a little dessert, and I’ll be a VERY happily satisfied guest. But no skimping on the cheese!!

Follow these steps below, and you’ll be on your way to an effortless fall charcuterie party your guests will LOVE!

They’re super easy to spread on toasted crostini and, of course, effortless to serve! You can add them to your charcuterie board or place setting.

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How to Host a Fall Party with Charcuterie Party Platter – Step By Step

1 — Opt for a low table for a cozy atmosphere.

2 — Lay the table settings out in a more formal way, and this is so impactful and pretty!

3 — Decorate the table with a few flower arrangements.

4 — Allow for at least 5 ounces of meat, plenty of bread, and crudites!

5 — Don’t skimp on the cheese!

6 — Pair with some good wine

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Meats For Your Charcuterie Party Platter

Since it’s the main meal at your party, you’ll need at least 5 ounces of meat per person and plenty of toasted bread, cheese, dips, and olives to go with it.

Buy a nice mix of meats like dry-cured salami, decadent prosciutto, and smoky sausage.

Also, speck, coppa, and soppressata are great choices, too, if you want to get a bit fancy on the palate.

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Charcuterie Platters and Dessert Board Ideas

Here are some fun cheese and charcuterie ideas you can make for your party!

Dessert Charcuterie – If you’re looking for an easy dessert to serve, look no further than a simple dessert board! This is filled with your favorite bite-sized candies and treats and it’s easy to put together.

Fruit and Cheese Platter – Another fun option to add to your fall charcuterie party is a platter filled with seasonal fruit and delicious cheese.

Fruit Platter – Maybe you just want to make a fruit platter if you’re serving cheese on your charcuterie board. For the best fruit platter, use seasonal fruit.

Thanksgiving Platter – This is a great one for fall and perfect for a Friendsgivng.

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Drinks to Go with Your Charcuterie Party Platter

Serve some red wine and a delicious fall cocktail too. We love this yummy Apple Pie Sangria or popular Apple Cider Moscow Mule. Here are some more drink ideas:

Sparkling Prosecco Punch

Ginger and Prosecco Cocktail

Red Moon Over Manhattan

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Go Low!

A low table (you can literally make one!) and lots of throw pillows always make for a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. Throw a few rugs down for extra comfort too.

flowers on a table with cushions - cured meats

Table Setting

Set the table to keep it a little more formal…. I like doing that because there’s nothing like a pretty table setting! Let the charcuterie and cheese be the center of the table!

Add fresh flowers too! The easiest and prettiest party decor!

Then just snack, drink, and cheers away!

close up of flowers on a table - creative charcuterie board ideas, ultimate charcuterie board

Tips For This Fall Party with Charcuterie Board

— Opt for a low table for a cozier atmosphere!

— Go for more formal place settings. It looks great!

— Add a pop of color with some flower arrangements.

— As a rule, go for at least 5 ounces of meats and choose a good mix.

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