Guest Bedroom Ideas for Creating a Charming Retreat

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Guest bedroom ideas for creating the most calming and beautiful small guest bedroom retreat. How to decorate a guest bedroom and the essentials items you need to add charm to a small room.

Pillows on a bed with a swing lamp and a knit blanket are all guest bedroom ideas.

When it comes to entertaining, creating a warm and inviting space for your guests is important for making them feel at home. There are simple things you can include in your guest room retreat that makes a huge difference in the environment.

How do you Decorate a Small Guest Bedroom?

This guest room is only 7ft wide so I wanted it to feel bright and open and spa-like. When I was finished designing this room, I actually wanted to stay in it myself! We kept the decoration simple but added details that help create a mini relaxing retreat and not just a typical guest room.

Make sure to add in plants, lots of pillows, reading light and spa products. These all help add charm to a small guest bedroom.

guest bedroom ideas to add throw pillows yellow and black on a guest bedroom.

I added a full size bed at the very end of the bedroom right against the window which fills the room with natural light. I piled the bed with fluffy pillows and incredibly comfortable bedding. The bed fit perfectly in that space and there’s even room underneath to store suitcases.

Door open to a guest bedroom with a bed, mirror and pillows.

Since there’s no closet, I added 5 brass hooks to the wall to hang towels, robes, hats, sweaters or even hangers with clothes. Every detail, down to the door hardware is important… because what better statement than a solid, custom door handle when you first open the door to a beautiful guest room? Schlage Custom hardware offers customizable style and functionality options to adapt to the changing life of any room.

Door handle

You can change from a doorknob to a lever, a traditional look to a modern look in just minutes! It’s those little details that make a difference and your guests will be so happy in their room away from home! Here are the 10 tips for creating a charming guest bedroom retreat.

Water and cups next to a bed.

Guest Bedroom Ideas for Creating a Charming Retreat

1. Add a carafe of water near the bed with little cups. This is a nice gesture and your company can refill it before bed or as needed.

Cozy robe, luggage rack and brass hooks

Guest Bedroom without a dresser…

2. Having a luggage rack available for guests to place their suitcase off the ground is a must, especially if you don’t have an empty dresser in the room. Provide a luggage rack and hooks. You can keep it under the bed or in a closet when it’s not in use.

hair dryer on a hook with a striped robe.

3. Place a hairdryer in the guest room because it’s one thing that guests always ask for! I store it in a drawstring bag that says “hair dryer” and hung it upon a hook. You can add a small brush and hairspray in there as well!

Laundry basket with a knit blanket

4. A laundry hamper is another item that should be placed in a guest room to separate dirty clothes from the clean ones when you’re suitcase-living.

5. Robes and towels are a nice touch when preparing a guest room. It’s one of the benefits when you’re at a hotel to have a fluffy, clean robe to wear when you’re getting ready.

Large gold mirror with flowers and plants

What color should a guest bedroom be?

Keep the bedroom a calming color. Light paint shades like blues and yellows are good. White is always a great color and then add in colored accessories.

Soap in a wooden dish

6. A few products I really enjoy putting in a guest room are facial mists, essential oils and hand creams. Choose scents that are soothing, calming and good for both men and women.

Candle and lotion

7. Fresh flowers always add a charming touch. You can pick some up from the grocery store and arrange in a pretty vase or create garden arrangements using flowers from your yard.

A guest bedroom retreat with rug, mirror, flowers, bed, pillows.

8. Door hardware makes a huge difference in the overall quality and feel of the room. That’s why I was excited to find out about Schlage’s new Custom™ Door Hardware collection.

Door open to a guest bedroom

After looking through the 70+ options and combinations available in this new collection, I decided to go with the Schlage Custom Northbrook Lever with Kinsler Trim, with the bed/bath lock, in  aged bronze. We appreciated how easy it was to install (just a few minutes!) and how durable it is. It feels very solid and secure too.

Photo in a mirror with pillows and gold light

9. A large mirror is a must for a guest bedroom so guests can enjoy getting ready in their own space. I used a large, gold hanging mirror and put a small console under it.

10. Reading is a hobby most people do while on vacation. Make sure you have good lighting or lamps near the bed so your guests can fit in some reading time.

I put 2 brass swing arms on either side of the bed. It’s so relaxing to sit in between all of those pillows, with the low light on, and read a book!

a picture of a bed with a lot of pillows.

Guest Bedroom Essentials

So to recap, here’s a list of items you need to create a Charming guest bedroom retreat and what every guest bedroom should have:

  • Luggage Rack
  • Laundry Basket
  • Cozy Bedding
  • Lots of Pillows and Extra Blankets
  • Large Mirror
  • Plants and Flowers
  • Hair Dryer
  • Water and Cups
  • Reading Lights
  • Cozy Robe
  • Candle and Bath Products
  • A Cozy Bed and Side Tables

How to Style a Guest Bedroom

Once you have the items above, you’re ready to style! Use these photos as a guide. Add your own touch, color and ideas. Always use throw pillows to make it look comfortable. Art on the wall is a good idea for styling too, but don’t add too many personal photos in a guest room.

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