DIY Easter Surprise Egg


These DIY Easter Surprise Eggs are super fun to make! Using balloons, a messy glue mixture and yarn, we created an egg shape that’s perfect for stuffing with special Easter treats like chocolate carrots and tiny bunny globes! They’re perfect for Easter brunch or dinner to place on a table setting as an addition to the charming decor. For adults, fill it with delicious chocolates and for kids, throw in some toys and fun Easter surprise treats!

Supplies: Small balloons, Elmer’s glue, yarn, scissors, clothes pins, Easter grass, Easter treats

Create a mixture of half glue and half water in a small bowl.
Cut long strings of yarn and soak them in the bowl of glue.
Blow the balloon up to the size you want the egg shape. The smaller, the harder it is to fit treats in, so try to make it bigger than fist size.
Pull one piece of glue-soaked yarn out at a time, using your fingers to remove excess glue.
Wrap the yarn around the balloon from top to bottom and side to side, until the balloon has a great egg shape.
Leave a larger gap in the bottom of the balloon that you can pull apart to fill the egg later. Once the yarn is dried, you can play with the shape of the egg.
Hang the wet balloons with clothes pins and allow them to dry over night.
Pop the balloon the next day to remove. While the balloon shrinks, it might take the shape of the egg with it. Don’t worry, you can pull the egg back out once the balloon is gone.
On the bottom, stretch the gap you left a little further to fit Easter grass and candy inside, then pull the yarn back to close it.

Your guests will be able to pull the yarn apart to see what’s in their Easter egg surprise!

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3 responses to DIY Easter Surprise Egg

  1. sharon
    March 23, 2015

    soooooooo darling! i’m trying this for sure!!!!

  2. March 24, 2015

    Aah! This is so incredibly cute! I love it!

  3. November 8, 2015

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