A Visit to Salt & Straw!

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Salt & Straw is one of our favorite ice cream stores in Los Angels. They have unique flavors and it’s all creamy and delicious! Here’s a peak inside!

Eden Passante at Salt and Straw

Those are just a few of the incredibly unique flavors developed by some of LA’s top street vendor chefs, in collaboration with Salt & Straw! And you know, the those flavors that might have you rethink anything you’ve ever known about ice cream, are exquisite.

Salt and Straw ice cream in a case

How is it possible ice cream can be this good? They work with local Southern California dairy farmers and artists to create original, unique ice cream flavors that are an experience and indulgence. We had such a blast tasting our way through LA via LA street vendor ice cream flavors (and classic flaves too!), which they happily feed you samples of until you find the perfect combos for your giant waffle cone!

Salt & Straw ice cream in a mug

Oh, and those handmade  cones were absolutely scrumptious!! Two of our faves were the Almond Brittle with Salted Ganache and Chocolate Gooey Brownie.

The Green Corn Tamale was pretty darn good too. The entire shop smells of fresh waffle cones and that’s a smell I could live with all day! Stop by if you’re in the area! We’re so delighted they’ve made their way to SoCal!

Scooping ice cream into a cone

If there’s one thing we’ve had a lot of, it’s ice cream… but definitely not flavors like green corn tamale, peking duck and bratwurst and mustard ice cream!!

Ice cream in small glass bowls
ice cream taster
Eden Passante at Salt & Straw in Los Angeles

Salt & Straw Location

240 N. Larchont Blvd.
Los Angeles, CAOpen 10am – 11pm daily

Girl holding Ice cream cone

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Ice cream in a mug

Eden Passante sitting outside Salt &Straw

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4 thoughts on “A Visit to Salt & Straw!”

  1. Their sea salt and caramel is perhaps the most delicious ice cream I’ve ever had. Like, ever.

    When the holidays approach, don’t hesitate to try their Thanksgiving Dinner flavor. It’s amazing!


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