Modern Christmas Wreath and Garland

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We’re all about decorating for the holidays and this easy modern Christmas wreath and garland adds a freshness to holiday decor!

Garland on a mantle with orange and a modern wreath.

We’ve been knee deep in wrapping paper and candy canes decorating for Christmas here at S&C… aka my house!!

When I was perusing JoAnn’s for Christmas crafts, I found these awesome gold rings (they have all different sizes at the store) and knew they would make the coolest wreath!

So I had my friend Erin from White Fig Designs come over and add her charming touch with flowers and pine cones!

Modern gold ring wreath with flowers and pinecones

How to Make a Modern Christmas Wreath


  • Floral Wire
  • Floral Tape
  • Gold String
  • Pinecones, Greens and Dried Flowers
Gold rings with tape, flowers, floral wire.


  • Using floral wire, tape and gold string wire the florals to the gold ring.
  • If you haven’t attached flowers before, you wrap the tape around the stem of the flower, then push the wire through the stem and attach it to the ring.
Connecting two rings with floral wire
  • To connect the rings together use floral tape first, then covered it with gold string.
  • So easy and I love the modernness of this wreath. You can hang it in a window or a door!
A modern three gold ring wreath

Modern Eucalyptus Garland

For the garland we went with a Eucalyptus one this year and I absolutely adore it!

We added some fresh picked tangerines from our tree and gold Christmas ornaments for a little color.

Green garland with oranges on a mantle.

I have to say, I’m pretty traditional when it comes to Christmas ferns, but this eucalyptus is so charming!

White fire place with TV above it and garland with oranges.

More Christmas DIY Ideas!

Switching it up is always a good thing, right? Hope you’re all enjoying this time to craft and decorate!!

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10 thoughts on “Modern Christmas Wreath and Garland”

  1. LOVE the way this ring wreath looks. I’d like to make a wreath like that for every day, not necessarily just for Christmas. So sleek and interesting.
    That said –
    Do you glue the gold string at the back? How do you hide the dab of glue? Also, how do you hide the wire, when you’ve wired on the flowers, etc.? It’s bound to show. I’d like things to be neat, even in the back, if possible. Of course, I suppose you could wrap the gold string around it (the wire) and then tie it (the flowers) on with the gold string, instead of wiring it on? Hmmm.

  2. I love those simple wreaths! Must check out my local JoAnn’s… Also, a quick question on the eucalyptus garland… do you know how long fresh eucalyptus garlands last?

  3. Hi Eden
    I am currently working on a mock up of a Christmas gift guide for 2017 that will feature products from women in small business in Oz. We will eventually invite bloggers to feature as we want to make it a wonderful lifestyle magazine with great photography and content. I was wondering whether you would consider me using your blog post for the modern wreath and garland for my mock-up? There would be a full credit to your blog and the mock-up will have the potential to be seen by all our potential advertisers. Let me know your thoughts. Thank you!


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