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Willow_Wreath_Snow-2Willow_Wreath 3Flower_NamesGathering_WillowsWreath_ProcessWillow-WreathWillow_Wreath_Snow_WoutTextMariah from Everything Golden is sharing how she creates the most gorgeous handwoven willow wreaths today! Take it away Mariah!

Making wreaths always connects me to the memory of my mother, feeling my hands work the same way hers did. This is the perfect time of year to spend some contemplative time indoors and to bring some life inside. I had to compete with a moose for these willows around our house. You can explore the outdoors around your area, or check your local florist.

You’ll need about a fistful of willows to complete one medium size wreath. You’ll want to choose some flowers and greenery that will dry well, or will last a long time without water. I used; pink waxflower, heather, love grass, purple limonium and sage.

To make the wreath base, start with one long willow stick and wrap the ends around each other, it won’t be circular to start.

Then add another on top of that, wrapping the ends. Don’t try to shape it until it feels stable. Your base should be tight enough that you can stick your flowers in without needing glue. This also allows you to play with the design, moving flowers around until you arrive with an arrangement that feels right.

Photos by Mariah of Everything Golden for Sugar and Charm.

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4 responses to DIY Handwoven Willow Wreath

  1. Such a beautiful craft! Love the colour scheme.

  2. k
    January 24, 2015


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