DIY Reusable Oilcloth Bowl Covers


We’re going old school with these DIY reusable oilcloth bowl covers! They’re actually so useful and a DIY that I use often! I have this handy 10-piece glass bowl set that I use for mixing, storing, etc. Instead of using saran wrap to cover and store food and ingredients, we made bowl covers using waterproof fabric to fit each size! I keep them in the same drawer as the saran wrap so I never forget about them. Such a charming and easy way to cover food, especially around the holidays!! Also, a set of these bowls with homemade covers would be a pretty awesome gift for any host and cook!

DIY Oilcloth bowl Covers
Oilcloth or laminate fabric. This site has a great selection!
1/4 inch elastic
Double fold bias tape
Small safety pin
Needle and thread
Measuring tape

1. Place your bowl on the unfinished side of the oilcloth and trace around it lightly with a pen.
2. Using a ruler, measure 1 inch larger than the bowl. We did this by making small marks every couple inches and then connecting the dots.
3. Cut around this line. Take the bias tape and position it so the oilcloth is in the middle and there’s about 1/4’’ along the edge. That’s where the elastic will eventually go.
4. Sew the bias tape onto the oil cloth, making sure to leave an opening of about 2 inches on one side.
5. Measure around the top of the glass bowl where the cover will sit. Subtract 2 inches from that number and cut the elastic to that size.
6. Pin the safety pin to one end of the elastic and work the pin and elastic inside the bias tape, all around the cover.
7. When you get to the opening on the other side, sew the two sides of the elastic together.
8. Sew the remaining section of the bias tape and put the cover on your bowl!

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5 responses to DIY Reusable Oilcloth Bowl Covers

  1. sharon
    November 2, 2015

    what a fantastic idea!!! i’m totally going to make these, thank you so much for the good directions too!!

  2. Rebecca
    June 27, 2016

    Love these! Can they be washed in a washing machine?

    1. Eden
      June 27, 2016

      Thank you! You can!!

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