Charming Food Covers for Summer Entertaining

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A guide to the most charming food domes on the market. Our favorite food covers to keep food safe and protected from unwanted bugs in the summer. They’re essential for summer entertaining!

mesh food dome over cake

Summer is all about entertaining, especially outdoor entertaining. Unfortunately, the bugs also enjoy the summer heat. We live in a ranch area and have a lot of flies in the summer. Literally the worst! They go away when the sun goes down, but they’re a nuisance during the day.

Of course, we can keep the food inside the house, but the doors are always open, allowing the flies to come in. It’s important to make sure the bugs are not infesting the food.

mesh food domes over desserts

We want to be practical and cover our prepared food, but also keep the party charming. When we visited Stockholm’s Rosendals Trädgård, I fell in love with their mesh food covers in their outdoor cafe. I actually found a very similar mesh food dome sold at Target!

guide to charming food covers to keep bugs out.

Charming Mesh Food Covers

Small Round Black and White Mesh Food Covers – World Market

Rectangular Black and White Mesh Food Covers – World Market

Large Rectangular Mesh Food Cover (very similar to the ones in the photo above!) – Target

Collapsible Mesh Food Tent – Crate and Barrel

Bamboo Food Tent – Bed Bath and Beyond

Vintage Handmade Straw Food Domes – Etsy

Woodard & Charles Mesh Domes – Amazon

Veil Black Bamboo Food Cover – CB2

Colorful Round Food Domes – Wayfair

Round Abaca Food Cover – Wayfair

Outdoor Food Net – Food 52

Willow Food Domes – World Market

Handmade Straw Dome – GrassShangai (This store has some beautiful dome options!)

mesh food covers

More Ways to Keep Bugs Away from an Outdoor Party

Battery Operated Fan – This is one of the best tricks and works well. Keep a small fan near the food. The cool air keeps the bugs away and creates a nice breeze for hot summer days.

Bug Lanterns – Keep these further away from the party and food, but you can hang them in a tree way off to the side. They attract and kill flies.

Citronella Candles – Always a nice ambiance and helps keep bugs away. Here’s a fun tutorial for How to make Recycled Tin Citronella Candles.

Bonfire – This helps with flies as they do not like smoke. If you toss some herbs in that works even better to help with mosquitos. They hate the smell of herbs!

Bug Repellent Potpourri – DIY here!

food basket domes

These food domes are just stunning! Vintage Handmade Straw Food Domes

Here is a fun DIY for Color Block Food Domes by Sugar & Cloth.

Do you use food domes or have any favorites? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Hi what material do you think the top nets are made from/ I want some that are not polyester. But these ones look like a much more natural fibre…

    • I’m not exactly sure, but it felt more like hemp than polyester. Check out the other ones linked and see if those are natural fibers. I’m sure there is one that is not made with polyester.

  2. Hi, I am unable to find the bamboo/straw food cover shown above in Tan & Red plaid, set of 4. Can you please help me find it?
    I will appreciate your help very much.

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