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In the Mix with Alfred Coffee


AlfredCoffee_11AlfredCoffee_1AlfredCoffee_3AlfredCoffee_5AlfredCoffee_6AlfredCoffee_12AlfredCoffee_2AlfredCoffee_4AlfredCoffee_8AlfredCoffee_10AlfredCoffee_9 “But first, coffee”… it’s all over Alfred’s walls, cups and retail items and we love it. Alfred’s is definitely one of the best coffee shops in Los Angeles. Not only do they have a cute slogan and brew Stumptown coffee, but they also sell so many other unique teas, juices, iced drinks and pastries. Alfred’s has a chic hipness to it and we love how they mix florals with bold patterns throughout the shop. If you’re a Kombucha fan, they have it on tap, as well as a super smooth cold brew. And if you want your espresso served in a little waffle cup, dipped in chocolate… no problem! I can vouch that the Matcha latte is one of the best around. We left with happy bellies and good decor inspiration!!

If you’re near one of their 3 locations, GO!!

Photos by Mary Costa for Sugar and Charm.

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