7 Steps for Hosting a Cookie Swap 

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A Cookie Swap is a great party idea for the holiday season! It’s a fun and easy going get together, great for trying out other delicious cookie recipes too! Below is a step by step guide to hosting your own.

I absolutely love the idea of hosting a cookie swap around the holidays! It’s a casual and fun party theme that can be hosted during the day or later in the evening, depending on how much food and drinks you want to prepare. Also, what better way to try out and test holiday cookies and even take a few new recipes home?!

I always make my Roly Poly Santa cookies and they’re a hit at cookie swaps. Below, I’m sharing 7 steps for creating and hosting a cookie swap and the items I bought at Bed Bath & Beyond to put it all together!

  • Send out your invites!
  • Set out a festive table, with plenty of platters for cookies.
  • Have each guest bake and bring their own recipe: 3- 6 dozen cookies.
  • If possible, print all the guests’ recipes ahead of time, for guests to take away.
  • Create labels for each type of cookie.
  • Remember to provide refreshments.
  • Provide containers for guests to take cookies home in.
cookies and cupcakes on a table

A cookie swap is a really fun and laid back party theme. Invite a group of friends, ask each guest to make enough of one kind of cookie to share. At the party, sample the treats, then trade and package them in delicious assortments. Everyone leaves with a gift box of their chosen cookies — and lots of great cookie recipes!

1. Pick a day and send out the invites.

Organize your invites so they all go out on the same day, you can either go for e-vites, or create a more personalized card to mail out. Either way. make sure you get the invites out well in advance, to allow guest to plan ahead. Holidays are often quite busy times for people, so giving them an early heads up is key to a good turn out!

top down shot of cookies for the cookie swap

Prepare for the Cookie Swap party by setting a festive table that has enough platters and cake stands to display everyone’s holiday cookies! Use different heights of platters and stands to create a beautiful cookie set-up that’s appealing to all!

Have each guest bake their best recipe for a homemade holiday cookie to bring to the cookie swap for everyone to try. Each guest should bring about 3-6 dozen cookies, depending on how many people are coming and how many cookies you would like everyone to take home!

name tags for the cookie swap

4. Print Recipes In Advance

If guests are willing to share their recipe, you can gather these ahead of time and print them all out on a sheet of paper for everyone to take home.

top down shot of cookies with name tags

Have charming cards available to name each cookie as guest show up. We used cards and stickers and guests can use the stickers to label their cards and place it next to their cookie platter or stand.

sweet treats no a platter
side shot of gingerbread man on a plate

Set out other refreshments too, so it’s not all cookies! You can also serve espresso shots and or a cocktail of choice.

top down shot of gingerbread man and other sweet treats on a table

7. Take Away Containers

7. Have containers ready to pack the desserts in for each person to take home. Then place out ribbons and twine to tie around the containers giving it a festive touch.

cookies in a take away container

And if you want to spice things up a bit… if you’re competitive at all, you can also make it a cookie contest and rate each recipe! I know, that might get a little crazy, but it does add some fun to the party too as long as everyone can keep it light! Happy baking!

wrapped container from the cookie swap
  • Make sure to send out invites well in advance.
  • Have the guests bake the appropriate amount of cookies, so all guests can swap.
  • Make sure you have a big enough table(s) for all the cookies!
  • Have a packaging station, with ribbons and other decorations, so guests can customize their packages.

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