DIY Tassel Wine Charms

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These DIY tassel wine charms are perfect for a party! They act as drink markers and add a little decor and festiveness to wine glasses. They’re great for parties and easy to make!

Blue, white, orange and white tassels

We picked up these little tassels and loops at Michaels and just looped them through for the simplest, but charming wine charms. You can add a few colorful tassels on one loop to make more combinations or just one! How sweet, right?!

Orange tassels with gold loops

How to Make Tassel Wine Charms


There are two ways you can get tassels, you can make them or buy them at an arts and crafts store. We bought these tassels and loops at Michaels Arts and Crafts.

Tassels lined up in a row

However, if you want to make your tassels this is a good tutorial.

You can buy the loops here.

Wine charm tassels on a white board


These are so easy to make, it only takes one simple step! Once you have tassels, loop them through the gold hoops. That is it!

Wine charm on a wine glass

Make the tassels in several colors so you have enough variation per guest. These work at drink markers for wine glasses so people know which glass is there glass.

Tassel wine charms on wine stems

We’ve used these tassels for a few of our parties! You can use them on beer bottles as we did for our carnival party. We also used them for a graduation party!

Wine charms on wine glasses on a coaster

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wine charms on wine glasses

Let us know if you make these wine charms! They’re so fun and great for a party!

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    • Hi! I actually bought these tassels at Michaels Arts and Crafts! But Embroidery floss works best if you want to make your own 🙂


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