DIY Tiki Torch Bottles

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DIY Tiki Torch Bottles are a fun way to recycle glass bottles and use them to create a beautiful ambiance outside! You can turn any glass bottle into an outdoor tabletop tiki torch! Perfect for outdoor entertaining!

We’ve created DIY tiki torches out of classic American liquor bottles. I originally spotted this idea at my friend Todd’s fiesta party and being the party enthusiast I am, it was a “tell me how you did that right now or I won’t put out my desserts” situation…

To my surprise, they’re incredibly easy to make! There’s a wonderful shop on Etsy called Harvest Moon Shoppes that makes custom copper wick tips and caps

Bottle of Bullet Bourbon on a striped blue napkin.

They’re only $12 for two so you can’t go wrong! I ordered four and then headed to the mart to find some classic Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey bottles that would make a statement and look beautiful sitting out.

The light and atmosphere they create is stunning. I’ve always been a fan of tiki torches, but now you can bring that perfect party lighting to any event… not just a luau!

Adding tiki torch wicks to tiki bottles.

Supplies for Tiki Bottles

  • Two custom tiki torch wicks from Harvest Moon Shoppes.
  • Bottles with the same size opening as a beer or wine bottle.
  • Tiki torch fluid
  • Matches
Empty bottle of bullet bourbon.


  • Since you’ll need the bottles empty, you can use a bottle that’s already been tapped into : ) or empty the alcohol into an airtight jar to keep it.
  • Wash the bottles with water
  • Fill the bottom of the bottle with water, just below the wick, don’t let the wick touch the water. The fuel will float on top of the water and reduces the amount of fuel needed and so the fuel doesn’t haven’t to travel as far up the wick.
  • Then fill the bottle with tiki fluid
    Drench the wick in tiki torch fluid and then place it back in the bottle
    Light away from people, trees or anything else that may be hazardous
    When you’re done, blow the flame out and then place the copper cap back on the wick
Tiki torch glass bottle

Tips for keeping the torch wick lit:

  • Use high-quality torch fuel such as Tiki
  • Saturate your wick with fuel prior to lighting
  • Keep your bottle full of torch fuel
  • Don’t allow the wick to become exposed to moisture

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33 thoughts on “DIY Tiki Torch Bottles”

    • Hi! The fuel will float on top of the water and reduces the amount of fuel needed and so the fuel doesn’t haven’t to travel as far up the wick. I’m not sure about coloring as we have never tried that.

  1. Kinda confused could you please explain if water stays in bottle when pouring tiki fluid maybe it’s just me but I don’t understand what the water is for if. It to touch the wik please help

  2. Am I the only who thinks this is really dangerous? They could get knocked over very easily, especially if you are having a party, and people have had a few drinks.

  3. Have scotch bottle with the wooden/cork tops….can those still be used or do i have to use the copper fittings to hold the wicks? Have tried but wick wont stay lit..

  4. Tried them. Love them. Made my own wick holders from brass fittings out of the plumbing department. Used food coloring to make my bourbon brownish.

    • The fuel will float on top of the water and reduces the amount of fuel needed and so the fuel doesn’t haven’t to travel as far up the wick.

  5. Where else can i purchase the copper stoppers and wicks? I am not a patient person with ordering. I prefer to go buy the stuff and start….any suggestions?

    • Hello Gijo
      The water is used to help conserve oil. You can fill the bottle with water up to the bottom of the wick and then fill the rest of the way with oil. The oil will float on top of the water.

  6. Oh my gosh. I have like 50 empty whiskey bottles and have been trying to figure out what to do with them. This is perfect!

    Maybe I can actually sell the bottles on craigslist now that I have a suggestion for use. Thanks for the post today!


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