Calligraphy Eggs – Fun Easter Egg Designs

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A fun and easy entertaining idea for Easter eggs! Learn how to make these charming calligraphy Easter egg designs to use as “name cards” for our Easter brunch!

Copper Easter eggs and green dyed eggs with gold names.

I absolutely love how these calligraphy eggs turned out and how easy they are to make. We used them for our colorful Easter brunch and they added so much charm to the table!

How to Make Calligraphy Easter Egg Designs

  • We also spray painted the hard-boiled eggs with metallic copper paint to use for decorations too.
  • Once the eggs are dried, write names on them with a gold sharpie! Easy like Sunday morning!

If you want to try your hand at calligraphy, here’s a great tutorial for beginners. Or you can use cursive or any style you like!

Green colored easter egg designs with gold text.

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