Gold Leaf Easter Eggs!

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Learn how to gold leaf Easter eggs! Using a simple technique and a few supplies, you can make stunning gold Easter eggs with beautiful designs! These are perfect for Easter egg hunts, Easter brunch or for decorations.

“I want my geese to lay gold eggs for Easter!” Just like Veruca Salt, I wanted a few gold eggs for Easter, so I made it happen with some beautiful gold leaf!

For these eggs, I created the world on an egg, a golden bunny, and a simple heart. The heart was made using a heart sticker that I removed once my egg was covered in gold leaf. The world design I did by hand using a small paint brush.

Easter egg with gold leafing of the world.

We created the bunny with an easy pencil sketch and the world I did by eye… which you can do too : ) Gold leaf is extremely delicate, so it tears easily and can stick to your fingers, but who said Easter egg decorating was clean?

I had so much fun creating these eggs. I love doing creative projects that take concentration and focus. They let your thoughts rest and your right brain goes to work!

It’s kind of like yoga for the brain, haha! I’m in love with how these turned out. They’ll be a beautiful addition to my Easter decor this year.

So grab a carrot cocktail and a bunny cookie and start crafting!

Easter eggs with gold design

How to Gold Leaf and Easter Egg


Gold Leaf Sheets

Gold Leaf Adhesive

Paint Brushes

Hard-Boiled Eggs



  • Using gold leaf glue, a paint brush and a pencil, draw your design.
  • Paint it in with glue and then place a sheet of gold leaf over the top.
  • Lightly tap it (it might lift, but that’s okay because you can fill the holes in later) and then give it a second before lifting the edges up.
  • Your design will pretty much be laid in, but you’ll need to do a little touching up and cleaning around the edges.

Tips for Making Gold Leaf Easter Eggs

Use wooden eggs for a decoration that will last a little longer.

A tiny paint brush works best to create intricate designs.

Use templates or sketch your own designs.

This technique also works on colored eggs as well.

Photos of making a gold leaf Easter egg bunny

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When to Make Decorated Golden Easter Eggs

Decorated eggs are only for Easter. If you’re hosting an Easter egg decorating party or a colorful Easter brunch these eggs are a perfect addition to the table or a fun craft to make.

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how to decorate an Easter egg with gold

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