Summer Picnic Food for ideas Kids

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Food for kids can be fun and colorful! Here are some perfect ideas for a summer picnic. If you’re eating outdoors or packing the perfect lunch to take to the park, these ideas are easy and adorable!

One of our favorite summer activities to do is pack a picnic and head somewhere the kids can run and play!

I think it’s much more relaxing to manage our 18 month-old when he’s not confined to a small restaurant highchair. It makes everyone a little happier! So I’ve put together a few well-balanced, simple food ideas that are good for a summer picnic with the kiddos!

Picnic Food For Kids

Cut vegetables in a silicone flower pot with hummus on the bottom.

Veggie Pots with Hummus

Loaded some cute veggie pots with hummus. I bought these silicone pots that you can also use for baking. They are perfect for adding hummus to the bottom and then sticking cut vegetables in!

Heart fruit kabobs on a paper plate.

Fruit Kabobs

Use cookie cutters to make shapes in melons and strawberries. Use a small heart cookie cutter to cut honeydew and cantaloupe then added them to a popsicle stick like a fruit skewer. They’re easy to eat this way and less of a juice mess.

Heart fruit kabobs on a popsicle stick with a bowl of cherries and orange slices.

Fruit Bowls

Use these fun cupcs to pack some fresh cherries and orange slices. Kids can snack on those all day!

Cups of cherries and slices of oranges

Drinks for Kids

For the drinks, I was feeling all the summer vibes and picked up some easy-to-open coconuts!

Cold-pressed strawberry lemonade is always great too.

Drinks for kids, coconuts and cold pressed lemonade

I’ll be the first to admit, my kids LOVE the great taste of Macaroni & Cheese, and so did I growing up. Actually, who am I kidding, I’m always the one eating their leftovers! So we’re using KRAFT cauliflower and added it to jar for easy packing.

Macaroni and cheese with cauliflower pasta and pasta in a glass jar.

This was all so easy to put together and 100% kid-approved. If you have picky eaters, try serving them KRAFT Mac & Cheese Cauliflower because it sneaks those veggies in and they’ll love it. Just don’t eat it all yourself! Stay charming!

Food for kids on a tray with kid next to the tray.

Now pack it all together or serve it on a tray in the backyard for a fun picnic! Food for kids doesn’t have to be hard! Make it fun, colorful and have a balance of food.

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Little kids eating food for kids in a yard.

Let us know if you make any of these food for kids items!

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