Mother’s Day Backyard Tea Party

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In honor of Motherʼs Day, I invited a few of my fellow mom friends over for a Mother’s Day Backyard Tea Party. Just a few hours without our beautiful children to chat, enjoy some delicious treats, dress up and enjoy a perfect spring morning. See all of the details below!

Usually, tea parties have a stigma of being too stiff, boring or not fun, but I wanted to switch it up and show people a different way to approach a tea party. Below are all of the details of the colorful spring tea party! Hopefully, it inspires you to host one of your own!

Mother's Day Backyard Tea Party
women sitting at a Mother's Day Backyard Tea Party

Tea Party Food

On the morning of the tea party I woke up at 6am and made 3 types of scrumptious tea sandwiches: cream cheese & olive, avocado & egg and curry chicken. I served yummy homemade lemon bars and renowned tea cakes from a popular bakery in Burbank.

food on table for a Mother's Day Backyard Tea Party

Made a large fruit bowl with fresh strawberries, blueberries and blackberries and served heart-shaped scones too. Also, I ended the brunch by handing out some refreshing Lilac Earl Grey Popsicles, which were a huge hit!

scones on a tower for tea party
scones for a tea party
Eden passante holding tea popsicles

Serving Tea

I wanted a variety of tea so I served a fruity green tea, a marshmallow macaron herbal tea and a black tea. I also made a light and delicious green tea, spiked punch! Recipe coming soon! I bought all of my tea at Teavana.

Flowers and silver tea on a tray

Tea Party Decorations


Instead of doing the flowers myself like I usually do, this time I asked the very talented Erin of White Fig Designs to create my colorful, tea party vision using garden roses, tulips and a plethora of gorgeous flowers.

Eden Passante holding flowers in backyard.

She blew me away with the most gorgeous arrangements ever! My favorite flowers were the Parrot Tulips! We also had stunning individual arrangements as place settings, which the moms adored!

Flowers for a Mother's Day Backyard Tea Party


I wanted the overall theme to be cheerful and bright with some personal Motherʼs Day details. A few weeks before the tea party I asked my guests to send me a photo or 2 of their kids. We created the most precious photo name cards with their childrenʼs picture on them, so when they sat down they were greeted by a very familiar face

Picture of kids in a flower arrangement for a Mother's Day Backyard Tea Party

I used bright colored napkins and classic white tea cups with a mix of vintage silver. Above the food table, I hung some colorful Boden bunting, which added a little spunkiness to the party.

tea in small bowls for a make your own tea blend

Tea Party Acitivity

I think it’s fun to add an activity to a party, even for adults. For the tea party I created a “make your own tea bag” station. On the serving table, I placed out three varieties of teas that are great on their own or could be mixed to create a unique flavor. Then I had empty, charming drawstring tea bags available and a teaspoon so they knew how much to put in a bag for one cup of tea. It was really a special touch making our own tea and also acted as an additional favor to take home to enjoy!

Eden holding party favors

Tea Party Favors

I turned to my favorite online photo gift store, Pinhole Press to create a personalized Motherʼs Day favor for my friends. I created personalized magnetic notepads with their childrenʼs adorable faces and a sweet little photo magnet. It was rewarding to see them opening their favors as we know how a childʼs photo brings a mother so much joy! I received text messages later in the week expressing how much they loved the notepads.

Mother's Day Backyard Tea Party party favors
Tea in silver tea kettle
flowers at a Mother's Day Backyard Tea Party

Tea Party Cocktails

You can also serve some cocktails at your party!

Try out Earl Grey Cocktail or Peach Tea and Rum Cocktail!

food on a table for a Mother's Day Backyard Tea Party

Big thanks to the talented Krista Mason for capturing our Mother’s Day Tea Party!

This post was in partnership with Boden USA and Martha Stewart Living.

15 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Backyard Tea Party”

  1. This is beautiful!!! Those mango colored napkins! Where did you get those from and what color are they?!?? They would be perfect for a party I am having for my parent’s 50th anniversary!

  2. AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL! I do have a few questions about your brilliant personal touches. How did you make the photo place cards? ADORABLE!!!! Same w/ the magnet pad? I am doing a birthday par~TEA for our 4 soon to be 5 year old but I would love to host something like this for my best of mom friends.

    Thank You,

    • Thank you SO much!! I made the photo cards in Photoshop. Just took a digital photo my friends emailed me, then made them black and white and did the design in Photoshop. The magnet pad is from Pinehole Press (I LOVE their personalized items!!) Hope that helps! Thanks Kendra 🙂

  3. Omg this is perfect, as I am hosting a tea party this Saturday for Mothers day! Where did you get the 3 teas for the activity and the empty drawstrings? I would love to do that at my party!


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