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Origami Money Graduation Caps + Tassels

May 5, 2016 | Projects | Comments

DIYmoneygraduationhats_3DIYmoneygraduationhats_1DIYmoneygraduationhats_2DIYmoneygraduationhats_9DIYmoneygraduationhats_10DIYmoneygraduationhats_4DIYmoneygraduationhats_7DIYmoneygraduationhats_8 Once spring hits, we start thinking up unique graduate gifts that involve money! One year, we added money to balloons and now we’ve made the most charming origami money graduation caps and tassels to go with them! These little money grad caps are much more exciting than just plopping cash in a card! To make the hats, there are some really great instructional videos like this one… we didn’t do the string part though, and used glue dots to tape it together instead. For the DIY tassels, see the instructions for the below. Happy folding and gifting!!

DIY Tassels

Supplies: Embroidery floss, scissors, tiny gold rings, glue dots (these are the best EVER!)

Each package of embroidery floss will make one tassel.

Unwind one long strand and cut, leaving the remaining floss looped together, like it comes in the package.

Double the long strand and then place in the middle of the pre-looped floss. Loop it through the hole and then tie a knot.

Form the tassel by pulling the sides down and the long strand up.

Cut the long string, leaving just enough room to tape to the top of the hat.

Using the strand you just cut, tie it about 1/2″ below the top of the tassel to make a loop.

Pull the little gold loops apart and add them around the tassel.

Cut the bottom loops open and trim to your liking!

Add a small glue dot to the top of the origami money graduation cap and place the tassel on it to stay in place.


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