10 Creative Christmas Cookies Decorating Ideas

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If you love Christmas cookie decorating, here are 10 Christmas cookies decorating ideas! There is definitely an art to decorating sugar cookies. but once you’ve mastered it, you master the below ideas! Let the baking begin!

Tips for Making Christmas Cookies

There’s a large variety of unique Christmas cookies you can make during the holiday season. From shortbread cookies to sugar cookies to fun cookies like our Roly-Poly Santa Cookies! Here are some tips when making Christmas cookies!

— When making sugar cookies, the consistency of the frosting has to be just right so it’s not too thick or too runny. This is our favorite recipe for royal icing. I always use meringue powder to make it.

— Have different-sized frosting tips to frost cookies.

— Stock up on fun holiday sprinkles and dyes to color cookies.

— Choose 3 different types of cookies to make.

10 Christmas Cookies Decorating Ideas

These ideas are all adorable and would be stunning for a cookie exchange party!

1 — Reindeer Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookies reindeer - decorate christmas cookies, decorating cookies

I adore these Reindeer Sugar Cookies with a tiny red noses! They have a whimsical look to them, and they’re so charming.

2 — Poinsettia cookies

Poinsettia cookies - food coloring

What a presentation these Poinsettia cookies make! Imagine an entire cookie table with these? They’re holiday cookies but without a character.

3. Charming Snowflakes cookies

Charming Snowflakes cookies - cookie dough

These are our Charming Snowflakes cookies. We use a royal icing that always works. These were fun to make too.

4 — Gingerbread Snowing Trees

Gingerbread Christmas Tree Cookie - cookie dough

I couldn’t get over how fun these are! A stacked cookie also makes a stunning centerpiece. Check out a tutorial for these on Martha Stewart Gingerbread Snowing Trees.

5.  Peanut-butter Snowman Cutout Cookies

Snowman Christmas Cookie Decorating - christmas cookie decorating ideas

These scream CHARM! Adore these little Peanut-butter Snowman Cutout Cookies. I might eat them all!

6 — Funny Little Elf Cookies

Elf Christmas Cookies - sugar cookie dough

These Funny Little Elf Cookies are too cute for a kid’s holiday party. I love their little red cheeks.

7 — Classic Green and Red Wreath

Christmas wreath cookie decorating - christmas tree cookies

I always love a Classic Green and Red Wreath cookie. These are beautiful to bring to a cookie exchange party.

8 — Gingerbread Donut Cookies

Christmas donuts cookies - holiday treats

Donuts are accepted all year long! I adore how they made these Gingerbread Donut Cookies perfect for Christmas!

9 — Santa Macarons

Sanat macarons - christmas sugar cookies

How awesome are these Santa Macarons!? Macaroons can be tricky to make, though, so do your research before trying these!

10 — Charming Mittens

Gingerbread cutout cookies - cookie cutter, sanding sugar

You always need a classic Christmas cookie in the mix. How sweet are these Charming Mittens and little gingerbread men?

Tell us in the comments below!

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Let us know if you make any of these Christmas cookies and which ones are in the comments below! We’d love to know!

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